Last night, in an annual tradition, the President of the United States addressed the Congress, his cabinet and our country on the “state of the union” and the goals of the government for 2007. Not surprisingly the president did not include the “state of poker” among his crucial national issues. Thus, I would like to take this moment to provide an update on where poker sits today and examine how you and the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) can continue to work together to preserve and protect the game we love.

As we know painfully well, poker has come under vicious attack over the past year. We continue to learn on a regular basis about home and tavern poker games being raided by law enforcement and how charitable

Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments are being shut down. Perhaps even worse, we have seen the federal government’s full force efforts to curb this American tradition from the Internet. Legislation aimed at prohibiting you from funding your online poker accounts passed the U.S. House this summer, then was quietly slipped into a port security bill, literally in the dark of night, which was signed into law on October 13. During these troubling times, the PPA has given you a voice to express your opposition to the government’s intrusive actions and to rally in a united fashion against these constitutional incursions.

The impact has been jarring, as the largest, publicly traded online poker operators shut down services to

U.S. players. While many reputable sites still offer services to

U.S. players, recent actions to close down payment processors and to subpoena banks are clear indications that the federal government is aggressively pushing the online gambling prohibition.

We don’t have to tell you that a prohibition won’t work, and in fact will likely cause many more problems than it aims to solve. The unintended consequences will soon be apparent and all the good intentions of protecting children, helping problem gamblers, and ensuring the integrity of financial transactions will be lost as rogue sites and unregulated payment methodologies surface to replace the trustworthy operators the government is driving out of business.

The PPA is not standing idly by. online casino real money no deposit should be exempt under the new law and that exemption is our primary goal. I have spent a good portion of January in Washington, D.C., meeting with lawmakers and others to get support for legislation that would provide a “skill game” exemption for poker. We hope to have a bill introduced very soon and then bring to bear the voice of more than 135,000 members of the PPA to push Congress to do the right thing. This would be a very positive development for the game. For the past year, we have been on the defensive, but now is the time to go on the offensive and get a bill introduced.

This year we will also be taking the issue directly to Members of Congress in their home districts, to truly nationalize the debate. We had a tremendous response from our members about becoming PPA grassroots representatives on the state and regional levels. Soon we will be announcing our positions across the country and engaging

U.S. Representatives and Senators where they used to feel safe from facts and spirited debate.

While we are working toward the short-term goal of a poker exemption, the PPA will also be laying the foundation for the eventual

U.S. regulation of online poker. This is the only proven public policy for online gaming. Licensing, regulating, and taxing online poker is technically feasible and the sensible and fiscally responsible thing to do. We will be working with others in

Washington to move Congress in this direction.


[Updated with the sad, sad results. Apparently agreement with BG isn’t the best thing.]

I feel bad because I owe you all a couple more Playboy Mansion posts. I’ve really been slacking here at Up for Poker, so I vow to get back on track.


But speaking of tracks… I’ve been working on the Saturday card at Tampa Bay Downs. BG says there are some really obvious favorites in about 2/3 of the races. I guess we’ll see how much I know if my picks match his. Without further ado, here they are (TOP CHOICE listed first):

Race 1:

#3 Sweet Devil

#6 Little Bit Foolish

#7 Captain Zones

#3 Sweet Devil, #12 Lucky Dove, #2 Forli’s Limit: We both liked the winner in this one.

Race 2:

#1 Windsor Dickens

#8 Rocky Plains

#7 Caper On Holme

#6 Angel by Day, #2 Savannah’s Wish, #1 Windsor slot gacor Dickens: My internet died around here so I didn’t get to see it. My top choice got up for show.

Race 3:

#10 Hamlin

#6 Success Affirmed

#3 Edgerson

#9 Toka King, #5 Fire Striker, #6 Success Affirmed: My internet returned just in time to see my top choice turn right out of the gate. That’s not a good thing.

Race 4:

#2 Bye Bye Ladies

#6 Stormy Babe

#10 Diamond Fire

#6 Stormy Babe, #2 Bye Bye Ladies, #9 Mysteriousness: I really, really liked Bye Bye Ladies but he came up just short.

Race 5:

#10 Hup Two

#8 Shucks

#3 Hots Is Hot

#3 Hots Is Hot, #7 Crafty Slew, #1 Volcanic Force: Wasn’t too close on this one.

Race 6:

#5 Worldly Endeavor

#7 Splice Girl

#3 Witto Road

#5 Worldly Endeavor, #8 Rolly’s Babysnooks, #9 Precocity Princess: My top choice came across first, but, for some reason, I didn’t bet it.

Race 7:

#7 Professor Biggs

#9 Big Tex

#6 Sandy’s Secret

#9 Big Tex, #3 Drivingmaxandmitzi, #7 Professor Biggs: This was my one and only big hit of the day. Big Tex went off at 12/1 and I had a $5 WP on him.

Race 8:

#9 She Too

#5 Dual Diagnosis

#1 Honeymooning

#2 Top Kitten, #7 Debs Gone Shopping, #5 Dual Diagnosis: Huh? Actually, Dual Diagnosis made a nice run after a slow start

Race 9:

#4 Seneca Summer

#1 Tyler’s Jewel

#8 Northcountry Chief

#6 Ceviche, #5 Notonetoquit, #1 Tyler’s Jewel: Yet again, the best I could do is find one of my horses in the show.

Race 10:

#6 Puzzle

#9 Secret Samba

#10 Full Flavor

#6 Puzzle, #5 Secret Lies, #10 Full Flavor: Unfortunately, Secret Lies screwed up a nice little pay day here.

Race 11:

#10 Light Night

#3 Lakely

#5 O’Malley

#6 Lite Up, #3 Lakely, #10 Light Night: If the 25/1 shot Lite Up drops dead, I have the winner, the exacta and the trifecta. Dammit.

Race 12:

#9 National Anthem

#6 Skipteaser

#7 Go for Glitter

#8 Peter’s Puddles, #12 Unreal General, #3 Major Parker: A fitting way to finish the day. The winner paid $72, the exacta paid $840 and the trifecta paid $8021. I, of course, was nowhere near those horses.

It was a big loss day at the track. I sure better find a way to improve before Kentucky Derby day!


It’s a 10 person Sit-and-Go with a $10 entry fee. The top three finishers pay. I haven’t had much luck recently so I’m hoping for at least third.

When you get to the end, you’ll understand what the title means. It started out well enough…

Hand #2

It’s just the second hand and I’m looking at cowboys. It’s early, so I decide to take a chance and leave as many people as possible in the pot. I’m in an early position slothoki and I just call the big blind. Six players are in the hand.

The flop brings Ac-Kh-10d. The bad news, a possible straight draw. The good news, no flush draw. The best news, I flopped a set of Kings! The guy in front of me bets 65 (the pot), and I call, so does a player behind me. It worries me that two other players are still in, should I have raised?

The turn is a 9 of clubs. It couldn’t possibly have helped either of them. The first guy checks and I bet 260. I get one caller and the other player folds. Now I’m worried. I’m into this pot for 335 chips. If I lose this hand at this point, I’m down to 665.

The river is a 7 of clubs. It’s irrelevant. If he has Q-J or A-A, I’m sitting on a loser. I know it’s not A-A. I’m first to act, and I check. I’m gun shy. My poker hasn’t been going to well. He checks, too. What would I have done if he forced me all-in? Glad I didn’t find out, but when he shows A-Q, I wish I had bet a little more. I’m up to 1445.


Hand #5

I’m in the big blind of 10 when I get Ks-Jh. No one raises, so I’m the hand with 6 other players. Clearly a loose table. We’ve already lost one player.

The flop is Kd-7s-5s. Not bad. I’ve got top pair with a pretty good kicker. I’m second to act and it’s checked to me. I bet 70 and get two callers before a guy raises it to 420. He gets a caller then another guy goes all-in for 960. That’s followed by another guy going all-in for 2040. A third guy goes all-in with 990. By the way, I folded.

The showdown is As-Js, 5h-7h and 7d-4d. Huh? First guy is on a spade flush draw. Second guy is sitting with two-pair. Third guy has the second pair and a backdoor flush draw. Guess some people just donate.

The last two cards are 9c and 6h. Two pair hold up.

By hand #7, three of the 10 players are out. A fourth is out in hand nine and a fifth in hand 12.


Hand #41

The loose players went fast and I didn’t get much action for the next 36 hands. I’m sitting in fourth place with 1340 chips, just 300 behind second place, but 3200 behind first. I’m UTG when I get Kd-Qs. The blind is still just 30 so I call. All fold until the big blind (who’s in second place) raises it to 105. I throw another 75 into the pot, but I’m not sure why. Getting bored, I guess.

The flop is 4h-Qc-6s. Now I’m glad I stayed. The other guy bets 225 and I call.

The turn is a 10 of spades. He bets 675 and I suddenly realize why I shouldn’t have been in this hand. He’s gotta have rockets or cowboys. He’s got the overpair and I’m betting top pair, just throwing money away. I fold, and I’m down to 1085.


Hand #50

Nine hands later, and I’m in 4th place now with 1025 chips. I’m in a late position when I get Kh-Jh. I call the big blind of 40 and three players are in the pot.

The flop is 9d-7s-Qd. Since everyone checks, so do I. I easily could have been bet out of this pot, but I’m still in.

The turn is a magical card, a 10 of hearts. There’s a diamond draw on the board, but I’ve got the nut straight. The first player bets 120, the second folds and I raise all-in. I get called, and I’m pretty excited, until he also K-J. The river is the third diamond, but neither of us were playing for that. We chop the pot, and I’m at 1045.


Hand #61

Now I’m down to 985 and I’m getting antsy. That’s when a pair of beautiful ladies show up in my pocket. I’m UTG and I raise the big blind of 40 to 100. The big blind re-raises to 320 and I call.

The flop is 7c-9s-3c. The other player has about a 3-1 chips lead over me, and he bets what I’ve got left. Decision time: all-in or fold. I go all-in. I’m betting club draw. I’m right, he flips Kc-10c. At this point, he’s got quite a few outs with two cards left to come. Any of the remaining 9 clubs, any of the three remaining K’s and any running straight or trips. Only two cards improve my hand, the remaining Q’s.

The turn is a harmless 7 of diamonds and the river is a harmless Ace of spades. I’m up to 1990.


Hand #82

I’m now in second place with 1720, significantly trailing the leader. I’m in the big blind of 60 when I get Ah-10c. The big blind is raised to 120, and what the hell, I call, and so does another player.

The flop is 6d-9s-As. With five players, I gotta think I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve got top pair and the ten isn’t a bad kicker. When the player in front of me bets 320, I’m worried my kicker isn’t as good as I thought, and I fold. The big stack calls.

The turn is a 10 of diamonds (damn it!). The first player goes all-in and the big stack calls. The showdown is Ad-8c (big stack) vs. Ac-3c (small stack). The river is a 4 of clubs and the 8 kicker holds up. Another player is eliminated.


I remember the night my future wife finally came around to my way of thinking. After nine months of aborted courtship, fantastically stupid college promiscuity, and an unfortunate period of facial hair growth, I’d given up on the concept that she may someday be my bride. I’d given up to the point that I’d started drinking Jagermeister from the bottom of the bottle and hanging out at The Blue Note more than my apartment.

Then, one night, we found each other at The Note and inexplicably she kissed me.

Through a fog of surprise, waning Jagermeister intoxication, and painful dance music, I remember thinking, “Now all you have to do is not screw this up.”

Last night as the WPBT tourney worked its way down to sbo 50 players, I remember thinking much the same thing.

Like I always do, I’d started playing before the tournament. Just to refamiliarize myself with the interface, I played a $20 SNG. After suffering a rather ugly beat on the second hand of the tournment, I never again rose above my starting stack of chips. What makes it all the more odd is that by some masseuse’s stroke of fate, I found myself heads-up with about 500 chips to my opponent’s 12K+. The circumstances of my unexplained rise to the money notwithstanding, the deficit I had to make up seemed overhwelming. So, imagine my surprise when I started playing some amazing heads-up play (by my standard) and found myself with a 3-1 chip lead.

That would be a pretty amazing story, I think, if I hadn’t fucked it up and ended up losing the heads up match (I think it went on for half an hour).

Nonetheless, I left the little SNG thinking, “I’m playing well.”

I rarely will admit that to myself, even if it’s true. But, frankly, I was playing a good game last night.


Ever since my second WPBT win, I’ve not gone into a sanctioned event with my A-game. The online tournies have fallen at times when I was rather distracted and the live Holiday Classic…well, you already know that story.

But last night, I felt my game. Anyone who plays poker just knows it. The have their game on.

I looked around to see that my brother, Dr. Jeff, had bought in, as had a non-blogging buddy who said while he was not a blogger, he was more than a reader.

“I’m a commenter,” he typed in chat.

It was like a Mt. Otis garage game with more than 150 people.

As the tournament started, I started feeling a deep sense for when my hands were good and when they weren’t. I know that’s how I should feel all the time. But, frankly, I haven’t been feeling my game recently. Last night, I was.

On one particular hand, I raised either 2x or 3x the BB UTG with AK. I got a caller and when the flop came down KJ8, I bet out about the size of the pot. My opponent raised all in.

I called for time and thought. He might’ve called my raise with KJ, but I made him for a better player than that. He was in middle position and I don’t know many decent players who would call an UTG raise in middle position with KJ. I thought for a moment he might have jacks, but I figured he would’ve re-raised pre-flop if he did. That left me with the only possible hand he could hold that would beat me: pocket eights.

As the seconds ticked away on my time clock, I checked my chips and discovered if I lost the hand, I’d be left with only 900 chips. I don’t like playing from behind if I don’t have to. I could lay down the TPTK and still have a decent playable stack. At the same time, I wasn’t playing to sneak into the money. I wanted to win.

Pocket eights…did he have it? If he had pocket eights and put me on an king, I thought, he just would’ve cold-called my bet, let me bet into him on the turn, then pushed all in. Maybe not. Maybe if he had the eights he put me on exactly on AK and wanted all my chips right there.

After working through the scenarios in my head, I realized I just couldn’t lay the hand down. If he had the eights, he had the eights. I called, he showed AJ for second pair, and never improved.


Unfortunately, two of Titan w.w88 qualifiers were eliminated from the action at the Irish Winter Festival Main Event early in the day.

Just before the first break of the day and after two hours of play, German player Lars Bollhagen, known at the tables of Titan Poker by his “2sick2poka” nickname, was really unlucky and was kicked out of the tournament prematurely.

First, he lost 7K of his stack on an unlucky hand.

A player opened preflop. Lars called with 9♥ 10♥ and a third player also paid.

Flop: 8♦ 7♠ Q♥

The initial raiser made a bet. Lars and the third player paid.

The J♦ fell on the turn and Lars hit the straight. The first player bet again and Lars decided to 3-bet. The third player involved in the hand called and the original raiser gave up at that point.

On the river, the K♦ the player made a small bet that Lars Bollhagen had to pay. He did and lost the pot when his adversary showed Q♦ 10♦A while later Lars was playing his last hand on blinds 50/100 (Level 2). Lars Bollhagen was holding the best poker hand at the cut-off and raised to 250. The button called and the big blind completed.

Flop: 6♦ 7♦ 8♠

Big blind player checked, Lars did as well, and the button opened to 1 300. The big blind player folded and Lars just called.

The dealer put the A♦ on the table for the turn and Lars checked. His opponent bet 5K. Lars moved all-in for 2K more (7 K total) and his opponent called.

The player turned over an astonishing Q♠ 9♠

But the river brought him a miraculous 5 for a straight. No comment!

The really sympathetic Lars Bollaghen stood up and left the tournament area.

A little more than one hour later it was the turn of another player well known Titan Poker to hit the rail. Lorna Lancaster was eliminated. She had a really bad day and lost most of her whole stack on a single ugly hand.

With pocket Kings, Lorna re-raised pre-flop after an attack of an opponent. This one decided to pay.

Lorna bet 1K on a 10-9-6 rainbow flop and the opponent made the call.

Lorna fired a 2 K bet on the turn, a 6 and her adversary called again.

On the river, a 7, Lorna bet 2K again and her opponent min-raised her to 4K. Lorna decided to pay and was completely disenchanted to see the mysterious J8 of her opponent. She was down to 3.5K.

Lorna Lancaster was eliminated at the beginning of Level 4 (blinds 100/200). The hi-jack player opened to 500 and the cut-off 3-bet to 1,250. Lorna at the button moved all-in for her last chips. The cut-off 4-bet to 3,600 and obtained the fold of the cut-off.

Lorna Lancaster was really underdog holding K8, her opponent had A♠ A♦

No miracle for our Canadian player who couldn’t come back after these terrible hands. At the second break of the day, 10 Titan Poker players were still in with the following stacks:

Average: 17.5 K – 340 players left/395 entries

Jan Bjoersland (Norway): 36K

Dennis McCartney (USA): 24.6K

Mario Keimer (Germany): 13.8K

Jack Connolly (UK): 18.2K

Lautaro Mayon (Argentina): 6.9K – Lautaro lost three times with AK. He raised or 3-bet preflop and was paid but had to give up on the flop every time.

Daniele Vagni (Italy): 12.5K

Jozsef Vass (Hungary): 15K

Ian Pumphrey (Canada): 13K

Dorlan Schick (Canada): 13.3K

Owen Shiels (UK): 12K


Online poker is currently illegal in the United States. Efforts are being made to regulate the game both at state and federal levels, but nothing substantial has yet been pushed towards legislation.

There are many parallels between the ban on online Togel Hari Ini and the years of Prohibition in the 1920s. Business has been diverted from legitimate operations to underground and/or foreign operators. Instead of protecting consumers, government actions have infringed on the rights of citizens to decide what to do in the privacy of their homes and how to interact with society.

In both cases, the bans became increasingly unpopular and advocates of change emphasized that repeal would generate enormous amounts of much needed tax revenue.

Former Senator and poker advocate Alphonse D’Amato told the House Subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade last month, “The problem that we have now seems to me very parallel to what we had in Prohibition. Billions of dollars that today flow across our borders and onto offshore websites could be kept here… yielding billions of dollars in revenue for the federal government, all without having to raise taxes.”

“We’re well behind the rest of the world,” said D’Amato. “If we do nothing, [the problem] will grow and we will have no opportunity to fix it.”

Advocates of legalizing online poker in the United States argue that not only would the move generate income through taxation, it would also create jobs in the U.S.

Working within the law, regulators would be able to prevent gambling abuse, money laundering, and underage gambling.

D’Amato, speaking on behalf of the Poker Players Alliance, concluded his testimony to Congress by stating, “For over a century, poker has been a reflection of America’s entrepreneurial and competitive spirit and has been a positive ambassador of our culture throughout the globe. Over the years, the way people play the game has changed and, like other recreational activities, more and more are turning to the Internet to enjoy this pastime.

“I urge this committee and this Congress to swiftly enact federal policy that ensures American consumers have a safe and secure marketplace in which to play this game of skill over the Internet.”

Germany Win Nations Cup Team Event

Team Grmany defeated competitors from ten other countries and from the Zynga online gaming company to win the inaugural International Federation of Poker (IFP) Nation Cup event in London. The event was played as Duplicate Poker, with each table of players receiving the exact same hand as that dealt at the other tables and players awarded points based on how they played.

Team Titan’s Sam Trickett played on the unsuccessful United Kingdom team, which was captained by Barny Boatman and included Jake Cody, James Akenhead, JP Kelly, and Liv Boeree.

The IFP Nations Cup took place in London as part of the London Mind Sports Festival. Germany won the event with 24 points, finishing ahead of Brazil and France that both ended up with 22 points. There were no cash prizes awarded to the winning team, just the national pride of being the best.

The winning German team included Stephan Kalhammer, Sebastian Ruthenberg, Moritz Kranich, Hans Martin Vogl, Sandra Naujoks, and Tobias Reinkemeier.

The U.S. team was led by Barry Greenstein and included Vanessa Selbst, Antionio Esfandiari, Matt Matros, Ali Eslami, Jennifer ‘Jennicide’ Leigh, and Isaac Haxton. Other nations taking part included Spain, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Australia, Japan and Denmark.

The Nations Cup is being followed by The Table, a $500,000 invitational freeroll to be played by regular no-limit Texas Hold’em rules with a field of 130 including celebrities and poker’s top professionals. According to its organizers, the winner of The Table will be crowned Official World Champion of Poker.

The IFP was established in Lausanne, Switzerland, in April, 2009, and considers itself to be poker’s official governing body. Its goal is stated as the promotion of poker and its duplicate version as a “mind sport without any discrimination as to race, sex, creed, or disability; and to reinforce the element of skill involved, as well as the talent and determination required to succeed.”

According to the IFP, “Duplicate Poker is intended to reduce random chance and allow skill to flourish.”  While this year’s World Championship was an invite only event, the IFP promises that “next year’s Championship will be open to all players from around the world.”


It was interesting to look back this morning on my Day 4 recap from Saturday.  The numbers just seem so quaint and insignificant!  But alas, that’s the nature of tournament poker- the stakes keep rising, and adjusting your own stack accordingly is the key to surviving and thriving as the players drop and the prizes increase sharply.  We are beginning Day 7 of the Main Event with just 57 players, and every jump on the pay scale today is huge.  With the stated plan being to get it down to 18 players before breaking for the day, it means that the first one out today will receive $130,997, and the 19th place finisher, the last one out for the day, will go home with $302,005.  To say that the money is getting very, very serious is an understatement at the least.  Every decision now has six (If not seven) figures of actual cash attached to it, meaning that today may be about calming and playing through one’s own nerves more than anything else.

That is a big part of what separates the Main Event from every other poker tournament in the world.  The inflated prize pool offers such a unique opportunity that none of these players have ever really had a shot at, and its not like there are a lot of opportunities to practice this situation of running super deep in a super deep-structured event.  So when our chip leaders sit down today with legitimate aspirations of building to the November Nine, they’ll have to do so without paying much thought to how much money such an appearance actually guarantees.  But the reality is that anyone who says at this stage of the event that it’s not about the money is lying, and everyone wants to walk out of the Rio in November with the $8.7 Million in first place prize money.

Just like every year since the inception of the November Nine, we will get one deserving champion and eight other outstanding stories to watch and follow in the build-up to the Final Table, so on this Day 7, with the Final Table nearly in view, we thought it might be fun to handicap the remaining field and pick our own November Nine favorites just to see how many of them actually make it.  If all nine picks survive, I may be switching careers!  But here are a few rules that I think will keep the picks creative and fair:

++ Only 4 of my 9 picks can come from CURRENT (end of Day 6) Top 10 Chipleaders.

++  Only 3 additional players can have an average or above average chip stack.

++ The final two selections must begin this day below average in chips.

So here goes, the unofficial FTR preview picks for the 2011 Main Event’s November Nine:

1) Ben Lamb – His slot online indonesia in general has been sick, and you just have to cheer for someone who carries himself so well and excels so regularly at the table.  Lamb has been forcing his Main Event tables into submission, value-betting them in position on every street when needed, and just generally causing chaos for anyone around him.  He opens Day 7 in 2nd chip position (T9.7 Million), and can build from there to the Final Table.

2) Phil Collins — Every time I see this guy or hear his name I am reminded of “Office Space” character Michael Bolton and how much fun he had sharing his name with a bonafide pop icon.  The “real” Phil Collins (poker player, that is) is having a blast with his own name and his own chip stack, ballooning it up to T7.7 Million.  If he can avoid a roller-coaster ride today, it will be tough to keep him off the Final Table felt.

3) Bryan Devonshire — I am more impressed by Devonshire than the others in the Top 10 that I’ve seen play extensively this week, and ill-timed blowups by others could easily propel him into the November Nine.  He begins the day with T5.9 Million.

4) Pius Heinz — Most people missed the fact that for a short time yesterday (Sunday), Heinz led this field, and if he can get into a similar spot today, I don’t see him relinquishing it again so easily.  T5.69 Million leaves him with some work to do as play gets started, but its certainly not out of reach.

5) Kyle Johnson — Johnson is my “wild card” pick and the only one in the group that I haven’t watched a lot of (or any) footage on throughout the Main Event.  He is a Canadian player who starts with T6 Million, and if he makes the November Nine, I’ll sheepishly say that I told you so.

6) Guillaume Darcourt — Either he makes the November Nine or busts well short of it.  Darcourt is a tough guy to figure out, but that obviously works in his favor if no one can figure him out on his way to Final Table money.  He enters Day 7 with T5.3 Million.

7) Andrew Hinrichsen — The Austrian starts with T4 Million, but has the style to build that very quickly without much resistance.  Our guess is that he will, and you’ll know him well by Tuesday night.

8) Erick Lindgren — Lindgren is kind of like Japan’s women’s World Cup team in that every time you push him to the brink, he pushes back and survives.  Japan took that all the way to a title, and Lindgren could do the same.  He will start the Day with T2.2 Million, which only leaves him about 35BB, but its been a story of survival for Lindgren all week, today could be his day to thrive and build to the November Nine.

9) Erika Moutinho — Moutinho is good for the game in a lot of ways.  Sure she is easy on the eyes and has an engaging personality, but she also shows zero indication of fear or uneasiness at the table, and that’s why I am pegging her to go from T2 Million to the Final Table.  Her boyfriend David Sands (also still alive today) said on air that it is her first $10K Tournament, a factor that might actually work in her favor as we get into universally uncharted water for this group of players.

I’d say that the fair Over/Under on these picks is 3.5.  If I get 4 or more players right, I’ll feel like I handicapped it pretty well.  If I have 6 or 7 correct, it’ll be pretty cool, and if I have all 9 correct, well – – – you saw it here first!!

From everyone here at FTR, we wish all of the remaining Main Event runners the best of luck at the tables.  Run good and run deep!!

In what amounted to just over an average American work shift, one lucky player took home as much money as some citizens make in an entire year. After close to eight hours at the tables, David “gaucho2121″ Paredes netted an even $25,000 in the fifth event of PokerStars’ first ever USA Championship of Online Poker.

In total, 398 players ponied up the necessary $200 + $15 buy-in for this Heads-Up event. Despite failing to surpass its $100,000 guarantee, Event 5 did feature strong winning odds for its participants. The top 64 players each earned a piece of the pie, with the minimum payout set at $400. Extra cash was available via knockout bounties, with $50 paid to each player who managed to out duel a member of Team PokerStars.

Tom McEvoy was the only member of Team PokerStars to make the money, with a fiftieth place finish that was good for a near double return of $400. Like the his mates, McEvoy had a $50 reward on his head.  Here’s how the rest of the bounty targets finished their days:

The fourth event of the inaugural USA Championship of Online Poker cost PokerStars, the largest poker room on the planet, over $415,000. USA COOP Event #4 boasted a hefty guarantee of $750,000, but only 1,114 ponied up $300+$20 or satellited into the event. PokerStars was forced to pay the overlay which was $415,800 to be exact.

The USA COOP is part of the Regional Championships of Online Poker which allow players from across the globe to do battle with players from their region. PokerStars has divided the world into 13 regions and each area has its own unique schedule. A variety of stakes and formats makes these events accessible to the recreational player.

Although the turnout for USA COOP #4 wasn’t quite what PokerStars expected, the tournament attracted several prominent of members of 먹튀검증 Team PokerStars Pro. World Series of Champions Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer were in attendance so to speak. Three time bracelet winner Barry Greenstein and Main Event runner-up David Williams also registered for the LOL Donkament. Unfortunately, these four elite failed to make the money.

Victor Ramdim was the lone member of Team PokerStars to cash. He exited in 89th, collecting $1,575 for his effort. Ramdin’s career took off when he bested Alex Jacob for the WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic title. Besides the prestige associated with a WPT championship, Ramdin took home over $1,300,000. Ramdin donates a fourth of his earnings to charity and has traveled to Guyana, his birthplace, to do work for Guyana Watch, a program that provides medical care for children.

When it was said and done, model/actress/poker player Christina ‘lindeyloo22′ Lindley was the victor of USA COOP Event 4. The victory was worth a whopping $127,500. Lindley is a solid tournament player with impressive scores on both Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars. Two days earlier, on November 21st, she took down the PokerStars $50,000 Guaranteed for nearly $24,000. Her online winnings are quickly approaching the $1,000,000 mark.

Runner-up Happymon32 is no slouch. His second place finish catapulted him past $200,000 in online career earnings. Coming in third place was Ready24Poker who perhaps decided the overlay was just too good to pass up. His primary games appear to be low stake rebuys and medium to low stake freezeouts. On Tuesday Ready24Poker hit the jackpot with a score of over $71,000!

Congratulations to all the players who cashed and best of luck the rest of the series. Be on the lookout for overlays as the holidays approach!


We all aspire to a smooth, clear complexion. When pimples arise, the need to flatten them out and squeeze is understandable. Unfortunately though, this may lead to short and long-term problems such as persistent redness, large brown stains (hyperpigmentation) and scarring (loss of skin substructure). Stains and scars are often confused by patients – stains are pale or brown flat marks whereas scars can be seen as indentations or pock marks in the skin. It’s now recognized that scars can also develop from small as well as large lumpy pimples.


For both scars and stains, the best treatment is avoidance – that is, preventing the acne in the first place or at least treating it early and avoiding picking or squeezing the spots. To learn more about your interest on “best injectables for face“, check here



To treat acne and prevent new scars from forming, you should remember:


You should get help for your acne as soon as you notice it as early treatment minimizes the severity of acne and the risk of scarring

Effective acne treatments are available

You can control and cover the visible lesions and avoid embarrassment

Types of Acne Scars

It is common to have stains and mild scars from acne. Stains will generally improve with time and can be helped to improve more quickly with skin care treatments such as topical retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids and therapeutic exfoliating facials. For many of those with mild scars, they may not even be aware of it – some of these may improve over time. However, severe scarring may be more difficult to treat.


There are a number of types of scars caused by acne. (Pictures can be found at Types of Acne Scars)


Ice pick scars – Deep pits, that are the most common and a classic sign of acne scarring.

Box car scars – Angular scars that usually occur on the temple and cheeks, and can be either superficial or deep, these are similar to chickenpox scars.

Rolling scars – Scars that give the skin a wave-like appearance.

Hypertrophic scars – Thickened, or keloid scars.

Acne Scar Treatment Facts:

Ideally, acne should be quiescent or controlled before treating scars

Treatments for scars depend on the specific scar type

Treatment also depends on your skin type.

Embarrassment from is most often due to facial scars – effective treatment can lead to an improvement in self-image and confidence

Scars on the chest and back will also respond to treatment

Non-surgical Treatment For Acne Scars

There are several non-surgical treatment options that may be appropriate for your acne scars:


Skin Camouflage/Cover-up:

For patients with active acne, acne staining, and scars – effective camouflage foundation can improve the appearance of the skin rapidly. Choose products that are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic and have your tones matched by a skin-care expert to achieve that matte, flawless appearance.


Topical Creams: (Tretinoin):

Can improve your acne, reduce staining and improve fine scars by causing gentle exfoliation and by encouraging collagen production.


Chemical Peels (AHA peels):

Can improve overall skin tone and luster, but do little for scars, it works best if you get a series of at least six peels, having one every 1-2 weeks.


Skin Fillers/injectables:

Materials are injected into the depressed area of the scar to elevate it to the level of the normal surrounding skin. This treatment is best for scars with smooth shoulders such as thumbprint or rolling scars. Evaluating whether individual scars will respond to fillers is easily done by placing slight tension at the scar edge – if this improves the appearance of the scars, fillers will help. There are temporary and permanent fillers – examples are: Artecoll®, Zyplast®, Restylane®, and HylaForm®.


Non-ablative collagenosis:

New laser and radiofrequency devices are being evaluated for enhancing collagen formation in deeper skin layers without damaging the skin surface. It is possible that these treatments may also prove useful in acne scarring.


Surgical Treatment Options For Acne Scars

  1. Microdermabrasion:

It uses very fine aluminum crystals to achieve light exfoliation of the skin. This is helpful for staining and very fine scars. It also works best if you get a series of at least 6, having one every 1-2 weeks.


  1. Photorejuvenation:

Using laser or broadband visible light, 5-6 treatments that are performed every 3-4 weeks. This treatment improves mild acne scarring by causing new collagen formation.


  1. Scar Revision:

Surgical removal (excision) of acne scars is especially effective for ice pick and boxcar scars. The excision may be in the form of a punch that is closed with sutures that are removed about 7 days later. The end result is replacement of a circular scar with a linear suture scar.


Another technique called subcision uses a sharp instrument to undercut the tethered bases of scars. In this case, the overlying skin is not cut so there is no need for sutures. Further improvement can then be achieved by injecting filler substances into the subcised regions.


  1. Resurfacing:
  2. a) Ablative Laser Treatments: – Laser resurfacing (CO2 laser, Erbium Yag laser): These resurfacing lasers remove the surface layer of skin and cause a zone of heat injury. The healing process allows for reformation with younger less scarred skin and deeper layer of new collagen formation.


  1. b) Dermabrasion: – This is a mechanical procedure in which a rapidly rotating wire or brush is used to strip off the surface irregularities of skin. Felt by most experts to be the most effective primary treatment for extensive scarring, it can be used in conjunction with fillers and excision.




The online tournament scene is certainly on the upswing.  Over the past month online toto hk events have been growing like wildfire with tournaments rebounding nicely from the April 15th crackdown of American online poker. For a few months tournaments were struggling to reach their guarantees as players were apprehensive to return to internet poker.  However, as they say, time heals all, and within the past month tournament attendance has certainly been on the mend.

Many sites have made changes to their events and schedule in order to attract more players.  PokerStars moved events up a few hours to accommodate those in Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Party Poker got rid of tournament fees all together in a move that has greatly improved attendance.  Other sites have been promoting their events differently as well as re-working their satellites to try and boost attendance.


The Party Poker move certainly worked.  By eliminating fees their tournaments have grown at an incredible rate including their weekly $200k guaranteed.  What was once a $300,000 guaranteed event has seen its prize pool shrink over the past few years as more players decided to play on PokerStars and FullTilt. However, with FTP completely out of commission for the time being it was Party and PokerStars who took many of their players.  This past weekend more than 1,300 players entered the $200k creating a $287,240 prize pool.  The $215+$0 buy-in event would typically have had $20,400 less in the prize pool had PartyPoker charged their $15 fee. In fact, this big boost in the prize pool allowed to $200k to surpass the Sunday500 on PokerStars for the first time in a long while.


The final table pitted 10 strong players against one another with more than $60,000 on the line for the winner. That number never came to be as the final two participants decided upon a chip chop with eventual winner “TangoDownJJJ” taking home the biggest piece of the pie. Runner-up Niall “firaldo87″ Farrell earned $38,921 after the deal. It was a curious chop to say the least as Farrell is no slouch in the online tournament scene having made multiple FTOPS final tables including a 4th place finish in 2010 in Event #20 for $33,000. His opponent was nowhere near as decorated an online player, especially on Party Poker where he had not a single score to his name.


Party Poker Sunday $200k Guaranteed

1,336 Entrants; $287,240 prize pool

*2-way deal


  1. TangoDownJJJ $55,869
  2. firaldo87 $38,921
  3. sketch1967 $20,825
  4. Echomaus $16,516
  5. p00cket00 $13,644
  6. paulii $10,772
  7. LembraTeBem $8,186
  8. READBLANK $5,458
  9. D_Daastardly $4,165
  10. malocoeur $2,872


While the iPoker Network, along with its flagship site Titan Poker, has been unable to keep up with the Party $200k, their $200,000 guaranteed event has been gaining some steam lately. For awhile the $200+$15 buy-in event has been struggling to even come close to its guarantee, let alone surpass it. However, that has all changed since the WSOP as it seems their traffic is up and with it attendance in their Sunday $200k. Yesterday 1,064 players entered iPoker’s biggest weekly event creating a nice $212,800 prize pool. The $44,688 first-place prize went to “TAPIS44″ who appears to have earned the biggest score of his career on iPoker. His heads-up opponent, “DimaDima13″, was slightly more experienced having won the $10k Re-buy for $4,339 back in February. Overall there was more than $130,000 on the line at the final table, a great sign for the future of online events at one of the world’s largest poker networks.


Titan Poker Sunday $200k Guaranteed

1,064 Entrants; $212,800 prize pool


  1. TAPIS44 $44,688
  2. DimaDima13 $23,408
  3. ines1987 $17,024
  4. gwka $12,768
  5. jerQules $10,640
  6. WRHearst $8,512
  7. SirNitAlot $6,384
  8. mcberdy71 $4,256
  9. b8chattz $2,979
  10. kokynho7 $2,128


Much like the Titan $200k, the $100,000 guaranteed on Bodog as been steadily improving as of late. The $150+$12 event has finally been able to creep past its six-figure guarantee after years of falling short. Bodog, the world’s premier online sportsbook and casino, is one of just a handful of poker networks to remain open to the US market even in the face of the the DOJ crackdown. They offer fishy games, decent software, and the ability to play up to four tables at once. Bodog was once one of the fast growing rooms until PokerStars and FullTilt started cornering the market. Making the site even better is their ability to process payouts quickly even after online poker’s Black Friday. The $100k was won this week by “LOEWA79″ who earned just under $25,000 for the victory. What’s interesting is back when there was overlay in this event the winner always took home $25,000. However, because there are more participating now there are more getting paid which takes away ever so slightly from the players making the final table. While this was the biggest score of his career, LOEWA79 is certainly no stranger to online success having won the $109 re-buy on PokerStars for $18,480 back in 2007 as well as the $40k on FTP that same year for $13,387. The New York based poker player seems to have turned to Bodog since being uprooted from FullTilt and PokerStars earlier this year by the US Government.


Bodog Sunday $100k Guaranteed

704 Entrants; $105,600 prize pool


  1. LOEWA79 $24,921
  2. San Juan Kid $14,361
  3. pieinsky $9,609
  4. whynut $7,392
  5. AA_PeachOfaHand $6,019
  6. Nan Q $4,752
  7. VThokie09 $3,484
  8. uNOiTzRIGGED $2,323
  9. MerilMistilteinn $1,372


The world’s largest online poker room continues to dominate the Sunday tournament scene. PokerStars, which moved up the start of all of their majors two hours, has continued seemingly unaffected by losing 20% of their player base after Black Friday. A lot of this could be attributed to FullTilt players looking for a home. Because Stars was able to pay out all of their players while FullTilt has still not paid back a single cent, it seems players are willing to trust the online poker giant. Their three biggest events, the $500k Warm-Up, Sunday Million, and $250k Sunday500 all easily surpassed their guarantees this past weekend on the way to another huge day for PokerStars MTTs.


Things got started off on the right foot when more than 3,200 players entered the Warm-Up creating a massive $654,800 prize pool. With so much money on the line it was no surprise when the final three players decided upon a chip chop according to their respective chip counts. Taking home the title and the biggest check was “omalos” who earned $82,314 for a hard day’s work. This was the biggest score for a player who is used to big cashes on Stars. In the past omalos has finished 7th in the Million for $34,300 as well as 4th in a $215 re-buy back in the 2008 WCOOP for $74,159. The high-stakes player doesn’t play a lot of Stars, but when he does he typically wins big. Runner-up “Päffchen” is no slouch himself having earned a handful of five-figure scores on PokerStars in the past. The small-stakes grinder has played more than 50,000 tournaments over his career on Stars and has accumulated more than $1,300,000 in cashes in the process.


PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $500k Guaranteed

3,274 Entrants’ $654,800 prize pool

*3-way deal


  1. omalos $82,314
  2. Päffchen $78,901
  3. OU THE NICK $72,221
  4. Jossel2008 $37,651
  5. JeanGrae $27,829
  6. abeainy $21,281
  7. kharak $14,733
  8. BMW 330XD $8,185
  9. BOOOOMMMMMMM $5,238.40


Even though the Warm-Up had a huge day it still pales in comparison to the $1,362,200 prize pool in the Sunday Million. Online poker’s biggest weekly event did not disappoint yesterday as 6,811 players ponied up the $200+$15 entry fee for a shot at glory. Taking full advantage of his opportunity was “jclever16″ who took down a massive $207,195 score for his victory. What is incredible about his win is he was virtually unknown on PokerStars seemingly having just played a handful of events there in the past. Runner-up “PSMozak” had more experience on Stars, but was unable to outlast his opponent during heads-up play. PSMozak had about $200,000 in cashes on Stars entering the final table making his $153,247 score nearly as much as all of his previous 290 or so cashes combined. All in all, the Sunday Million final table paid out more than $700,000 and made three players over six-figures apiece.


PokerStars Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed

6,811 Entrants; $1,362,200 prize pool


  1. jclever16 $207,195
  2. PSMozak $153,247
  3. prrrak4783 $108,976
  4. JoaoCastro91 $74,921
  5. Sniper0612 $57,212
  6. Pippa83 $43,590
  7. gittermaster $29,968
  8. SOLYPLAYA $16,346
  9. DinRin $10,557


Wrapping up a strong day on Stars was their highest buy-in major event, the $250,000 guaranteed Sunday500. Formerly a half-million dollar guaranteed event, the Sunday500 tends to attract very good players because of its higher entry fee. This week was no exception as a handful of strong competitors made their way to the final table to compete for a $49,538 first-place prize. Taking home the title was “810ofclubs” who has seen great success in major events on PokerStars in the past. The high-stakes tournament professional nearly won the SCOOP Main Event back in May before busting in 6th place for $167,200. He has won one of the huge $109 re-buys for $88,221 and now has another major victory to his name. He had taken down a formidable opponent in “eShaMeister” during heads-up play.


One final note on PokerStars, their $55 Red Spade Open carried a $1,000,000 guarantee this past weekend and crowned “VL-Hannibal” as its victor. The tournament ended up paying out more than $1,580,000 as 31,743 competitors entered the $50+$5 event.


PokerStars Sunday500 $250k Guaranteed

527 Entrants; $263,500 prize pool


  1. 810ofclubs $49,538
  2. eShaMeister $36,100
  3. donkno2 $26,614
  4. PapaGreggio $20,026
  5. House of Hor $14,071
  6. OPIGGYBANK $11,199
  7. Miss Baxter $8,564
  8. dal_elama
  9. xxmxx-1984 $3,953


Our Sunday Tournament Report finishes this week with the Sunday $100,000 guaranteed on Merge Poker. The tournament keeps inching closer towards its guarantee, but yet again fell short of the 1,000 entrant mark. With just under $6,000 in overlay there was some nice value for those playing, including winner “PlayingwiththePros” who earned $20,000 for the win. At this time there is still not a lot of information on all of the final table competitors. However, as Merge continues to grow with its skins like Lock, RPM, Carbon, and more there is no doubt databases will start paying attention to one of the biggest networks still serving American poker players.


Merge Poker Sunday $100k Guaranteed

943 Entrants; $100,000 prize pool


  1. PlayingwiththePros $20,000
  2. MenachemBenUri $12,000
  3. Izlude44 $6,500
  4. mm9605 $5,000
  5. rivermen123 $4,250
  6. aficio $3,500
  7. Fridureiks $2,750
  8. Ericw123 $2,250
  9. linquenito $1,750