It’s paramount for entrepreneurs to know and understand their customers. The customer relationship can help grow business as well as product development.

Customers are typically not very helpful or open to new products, ideas, etc. Main reason is that they have their own priorities and they can be lazy. They are comfortable doing things in a certain way, dealing with existing vendors, and do not need added hassle of working with newer innovative ideas. Typically there are 2 ways to engage them more at idea stage of a start-up,

  1. have the pressure applied to them from the top (top down approach) – for B2B products and services, this can be done by engaging potentially more visionary or relationship driven senior management first and then having them bring rest of their organization along.
  2. share the vision with them and make it feel to them as their own dream; if it excites them or solves some of their pain points, they would be more willing to help. It does not matter what your product can do, what matters is what your product can do for the target clients. So when you communicate with them, Brassica Fintech dont tell them what you know, tell them what they need to know. Its tough to do this as you have think what your customers want before you say anything, but this can be very effective if done properly. This is a sales tip 1-o-1.

If there is relevant value add, your target customers will get engaged. Take an example, if Ferrari tries to do mass selling in India because they have the fastest car in the world, it may not sell that well. Indian roads are not smooth and cannot support efficient faster driving. But if Ferrari tries to sell by offering exclusive luxury car proposition, it can be sold to ultra high net worth individuals in India.


Also another tip on marketing; its very important to show up in front of customers. Half the battle is to ensure you have time to meet your customer and keep him posted about the developments. Do not act unprofessionally by shying away from any delays, issues, or challenges with the customer. Always communicate and understand that Bad news is better than no news.

Having said that, there is a slightly counter-intuitive argument as well. Do customers know what they want?

Many people advise that every product should be developed in conjunction with the customer. Sure, that helps in ensuring customer problems are solved, the product is adapted to the customer’s workflow and operations, and that there is genuine product demand etc.

But does that really lead to innovation? Can customers really think out of the box and imagine what they may want in the future? In most cases, the answer to these questions would be a NO.

For an entrepreneur, it’s important to understand the customer, know their current ways of doing things, how they use products / services currently, and also their pain points and potentially perceived end goals. Once you do know that, then you should create a vision with your idea, turned into product / service and create something that customer would love to have in the future. Of course you need to get its timing, technology, delivery, price and various other factors right.

– Had Steve Jobs asked customers using Sony walkman or another portable audio music player, do you want something more or different, I bet many would not have been able to imagine an iPod.

– iPhone, 3D printers and various other disruptive products are developed from an idea, vision converted into the reality … and eventually it becomes standard product that everyone wants.

PS: This view of smart entrepreneurs is a double edged sword. They are smart so they can derive any conclusion from any fact / hypothesis. They do see opportunities in Crisis, or a NO. They definitelly need this conviction and vision.

But sometimes this may lead them to creating not most relevant products and businesses. It’s a fine balancing act between seeing what is there, versus what they want to see.

Everyone was laughing at event 13 of the FTOPS 9, mainly because the game being played was HA (okay bad jokes over).  Just what is HA?  For those who don’t know, HA is a mixed game which is half PL Hold’em and half PL Omaha.  In total, 913 players paid the $200 + $16 buy-in which made Full Tilt have to put up an overlay of $17,400 since the guarantee offered was $200,000.  This seems to be a re-occuring theme in this series as many events didn’t break their set guarantees.

Max Pescatori was the red man that everyone had their eyes on this 꽁머니  event and he is no rookie to tournament play.  He has over 17 cashes in the WSOP, 2 bracelets, and over $2.5 million in career earnings.   He also defended his hosting job pretty well in this tournament, but couldn’t keep it up for a final table.  He was one of 2 red prs to finish in the money, the other was Sigi Stockinger in 87th, and Max Pescatori was eliminated just short of the final table, 14th for $1,320.

Even though it wasn’t Pescatori’s day, it was for one of the remaining 9 players at the final table.  The guarantee wasn’t met, but there was still $45,000 that would be awarded to the tournament winner.  Who would that be?  Eventually, Dukatos battled his way to the top, and took down Allin4Narnia heads up collecting $45,000 for his win and the yellow FTOPS jersey avatar.  Special congratulations to Dukatos for his win, and everyone who finished in the money in event 13, $216 HA:

Event 11 of the FTOPS 9 was the game of limit hold’em.  Although limit hold’em doesn’t attract as many fish since they can’t just push all-in, Full Tilt offered a $200,000 guarantee for the $216 buy-in.  Well, with only 932 players registered, Full Tilt ended up having to put up an overlay of $13,600 which was good news for the players!  The eventual winner would take home $45k.

This event was hosted by cowboy Andy Bloch, and even his avatar sports his infamous Full Tilt cowboy hat.   However his hat couldn’t bring him luck in this tournament, as he busted early on in 623rd place.  In total 108 places were paid and out of the 18 red pros in this tournament, only 3 cashed; Michael Craig finished 99th, John Cernuto 41st, and Markus Golser took 24th.

It was sweetnees for one person in this tournament, in fact, it was sugar sweetness.  That is because Sugarsweetness topped the other 931 competitors, earning himself $45,000 and the yellow FTOPS jersey!  Sugarsweetness beat FM2T in an epic limit hold’em heads up battle, and FM2T collected $28,500 for his runner up finish.  Congratulations to Sugarsweetness and everyone who finished in the money in event 11 of the FTOPS 9, $216 LHE:

Las Vegas, a town that is almost always buzzing with activity, goes into an over drive frenzy five times per year:


  1. The Super Bowl;
  2. The Breeder’s Cup;
  3. The Kentucky Derby;
  4. When there is a major fight taking place in town;
  5. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament.


Now, I’ve been there for all the events—some more than once—and I can make the following statement:

During the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, Las Vegas, Nevada is at it’s most frenzied and alive period of the entire year. Think about what the gambler is getting with this event:


  1. Dozens of games to bet on over a three-week period. Sometimes you are actually dealing with sixteen games being played on a weekday!
  2. An extensive array of teams from all over the country. No matter where you come from, you’re bound to have a rooting interest in some of the teams.
  3. Pure action, as every game is a must-win situation, creating a do or die atmosphere with each contest.
  4. A tournament that responds to many time-tested UFABET handicapping systems, making it relatively easy to show a profit.


Okay, enough about the games; let’s get right to the meat and potatoes, The Super NCAA Tournament System—a very simple yet extremely profitable betting system that shows you the way to pointspread winners in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.


The System:

Bet on any team in the NCAA tournament that meets the following two criteria:


  1. They did not cover the pointspread in their last tournament (current season only) game. Obviously they won this game or they would not still be in the tournament.
  2. Only bet on this team if they are going against a team that did cover the pointspread in their last tournament (current season only) game. And once again, obviously this team also won this game or they would not still be in the tournament.


Note that there are no plays with this system in the first round of the tournament, as you still need to find out which teams are going to cover and not cover.


The Rationale:

The reason this system works is that the NCAA tournament, unlike the regular season, draws an enormous number of relatively unsophisticated gamblers who come out of the woodwork just to bet on the games. These novices will over react to what happened in recent games. They will remember losing a recent bet on a certain team and carry forward negative feelings towards that team. The opposite of this takes place with a team that won for them. So, what we have here is a two-way effect that gives an over-stated line in the direction of the teams that we are betting against.


That is all there is to it! The system should give you between eight and ten bets each tournament. The previous pointspread results of the system are astounding! In the past 33 years (through 2001) it has a pointspread won-lost record of 184 wins and only 102 losses! So go on and give it a whirl!


Some Baseball Predictions for 2021


The California Angels to win the A.L.

The New York Mets to win the N.L.

Sammy Sosa to win both the RBI and Home Run Crowns in the N.L.

Manny Ramirez to do the same in A.L.



It’s the ultimate spirit of Freedom of Speech. With “handles” like Spearmaster, Hitmob, Zrapture and Prosperity thousands of online gamblers communicate daily on the phenomenon we call the internet, making this uniquely fast network a major resource for experienced and “newbie” players alike.

About to have a crack at online gambling for the first time but not sure where to go? A few visits to a good message board will soon tell you who are the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Or perhaps you feel you’ve been ripped off and want to warn others and have a good rant. These are the places where you can do it fast and effectively, reaching enormous interested audiences.

It is estimated that for every active message board poster there are as many as ten “lurkers” – bystanders who prefer to remain passively on the fringes and “listen”. And indeed that is exactly what a newcomer to this fascinating world should do before posting – lurk.

To do otherwise is to invite disaster. If you haven’t studied the different personalities and topics being discussed before you jump in with an opinion you can make a fool of yourself. You might find yourself at the unhappy center of an unequal debate or worse still receive an unmerciful flaming – a literal roasting from opponents who will not mince their words.

A cardinal sin is to “spam” message boards, which is the online equivalent of thrusting yourself into a private conversation and yelling a sales message at everyone around you before darting away. Do that and you will almost certainly get more flak than clients.

Another great way to win friends and influence message board people is to pretend you are a satisfied player and extol the fictitious virtues of your operation. That adds dishonesty to your boorishness and really does put you beyond the pale.

Despite these fundamental and unwritten rules, the spammers keep on coming, motivated by referral rewards from their employers. With enticing names like Honey, Ginger and Satisfied you’ll see them relentlessly strafing the boards with tirelessly gushing and patently false claims. Very few of these folks are rocket scientists and it shows in the lack of subtlety in their labors. Capitals and exclamation points – the internet version of shouting – abound in their postings and you will always find a url to speed you to their vision of gambler’s paradise.

Some Boards try to stop these unwanted intrusions by providing spammers with a section where they can extol the virtues of their casinos, agencies or information sites. If the members are interested in the bonuses and other blandishments on offer they will visit that section and read Satisfied, Ginger or Honey’s canned meat.

But that is the downside. Message boards are more generally friendly places once you have announced yourself and start participating. They are a bottomless well of experience and information because they represent the pooled knowledge of a diverse group of people with a shared passion – online gambling.

Here you will find whizz kids and senior citizens; salesmen and professors; casino operators and players – men and women exchanging mirth, views and information on everything to do with wagering that you can imagine. Someone asks “Do you know anything about XYZ casino”, and the responses fly. “Don’t touch ’em” or “These guys are straight and pay fast”

Note that last phrase, operators – it is probably the player’s most important criteria in judging you – are you fair and do you pay your Togel Hongkong winners and pay ’em fast?


Message Boards are both a powerful referral base and a forum. Genuine operators, consultants, information sites and even gambling software makers are welcome to debate issues and present wider perspectives. They can build bridges and discover pure gold in the opinions and needs of the people who make it all happen. The players.

Yet you would be astonished at how many are blind to this outstanding resource. And they are paying a price for a lack of awareness which goes beyond ignorance.

In recent months controversy raged across many Boards on the internet over a dishonest casino and its software supplier. It was a golden opportunity for both organisations to put across their side of the story and find common ground with thousands of players, and yet they inexplicably let it slip through their fingers. Sadly, they suffered serious injury to their reputations which will not easily be retrieved.

I advise my clients never to underestimate the value of internet forums as both a true sounding board and an honest channel of communication.

But there’s an obligation on you, whether you are a player or anyone else.

Don’t abuse the hospitality of the Board and always be prepared to hear out the other person.




I’ve heard that the current state of affairs in the Middle East, according to mouthpieces of the current US government, is that US forces are not winning and not losing either. I won’t comment on that further from the political angle, but that is how I’d describe my recent experiences at Online Casino Malaysia.

Yesterday, I signed up for the 8:20 game and started out poorly. After a short period of time, I was down from 10,000 to about 6,000 chips. After switching tables, I found myself with AK and raised. Someone who had just suffered a terrible loss and who I had seen make huge bets with J7 re-raised me all in. Considering my opponent, I called an ended up beating 9-5 to double my stack.

The next few hours consisted of various risky plays and iffy decisions. I pushed someone all in with a pair of kings, found myself up against two pair, and caught a flush on the river. I managed to catch a straight on the river, but didn’t pay much to see that. I went all in with 2 pair, and luckily that held up. I went all in wih a pair of kings again, and hit a flush again, although that time I think my pair and higher kicker was enough. I called a large bet with KQ suited, and ended up winning by catching the queen on the river. They weren’t necessarily smart plays, but risks have to be taken in a large tournament and those ended up being good risks.

Eventually, my luck took a turn for the worse. After everyone before me folded, I called the big blind from the best position on the table with 10-8. That is a risky move, but I felt rewarded when the flop brought two tens and an ace. The big blind moved all in, and I called without hesitating. I was up against an ace and a low card, which is what I expected. The turn was a blank, and the river… another ace. That knocked me down from over 300,000 chips to about 200,000.

I took another hit when I played AK suited slowly before the flop and then carefully when the flop brought an ace but all 3 cards were hearts. Careful wasn’t careful enough, since the river card brought a second queen on the board and I ended up losing to 3 queens after betting another half of my stack. I never really recovered from that and finished in 44th place, which did give me a good boost in the standings.

I played again this afternoon and had a mediocre game. I didn’t take the kind of risks that I took yesterday, which allowed me to stick around for a while but I never built up a big stack. About two hours into the game, I was about where I started and held AK in the big blind. Most folded before me, and nobody had raised. I decided to make my move.

The player to my left not only called, but re-raised for a considerable sum. The other caller folded and we were heads-up. I hoped to be up against something like jacks or AQ. Then the cards were revealed and…


Two aces against Ace King. I would have been better off with 2-7 off suit. I needed to hit a straight, which is very unlikely with those cards, or for the board to have two kings and no aces. The board had no aces. I got a king. I didn’t get a second. Game over.

I finished in something like 140th place and moved up slightly in the rankings. Right now, I’m in 121st place and 42 points out of 50th. Making the top 50 is certainly possible now, but it probably won’t be easy.


Because endoscopy is a relatively new technique in plastic surgery, it’s extremely important that you select a board-certified plastic surgeon who has adequate training and experience.

Many endoscopic procedures do not require a hospital stay and are performed in a surgeon’s office or an out-patient surgery center. If you’re planning to have out-patient surgery, be sure that the surgeon you’ve selected has privileges to perform your particular endoscopic procedure at an accredited hospital. This assures you that your surgeon has been evaluated by the hospital’s quality-assurance review committee and is generally considered to have the needed training.

Be sure to find out if the surgeon’s hospital privileges cover both the endoscopic and the open version of the procedure you plan to have, since your doctor may have to switch to a traditional open procedure if a complication occurs during surgery.

Keep in mind that many plastic surgeons in practice today received endoscopy training as part of their plastic surgery or general surgery residency training. And, all board-certified plastic surgeons are continually being trained in new procedures.

Special consideration and risks

It’s important to keep in mind that the endoscopic approach has only recently been applied to plastic surgery procedures. There are some known risks, which vary in severity depending on the procedure being performed. These include infection, fluid accumulation beneath the skin (which must be drained), blood vessel damage, nerve damage or loss of feeling, internal perforation injury, and skin injury.

And, keep in mind that if a complication occurs at any time during the operation your surgeon may have to switch to an open procedure, which will result in a more extensive scar and a longer recovery period. However, to date, such complications are rare–estimated to occur in less that 5 percent of all endoscopy procedures.

Deciding if endoscopic surgery is right for you

Although much is still unknown about endoscopic plastic surgery, you may want to focus on what is known as you make your decision. Considering the following:

For decades, endoscopy has been used successfully in orthopedic, urologic, and gynecologic procedures. Improved technology now permits endoscopy to be used by plastic surgeons.

If performed by an experienced, well-trained plastic surgeon, endoscopic procedures may provide the same results as open-method procedures, but with less scarring.

In some cases, endoscopic surgery may require less recovery time than is usually required for open procedures.

Patients who tend to be the best candidates for cosmetic endoscopic procedures are those who don’t have large amounts of loose hanging skin. Patients with loose facial or abdominal skin may benefit from a combination of classic and endoscopic techniques, in face or forehead lift, or abdominoplasty. For any marketing related help, visit Dermatology marketing agency


If you haven’t checked it out yet, the blog at has an interesting mix of coverage across the poker world. Hard poker news mixed with fun stuff like the “Ten Hottest Poker Babes” and the “5 Best Pros Without a WSOP Bracelet” are some of my favorites. Although I may have to take issue with ranking Shannon Elizabeth and Liz Lieu at #9 and #10 respectively, well below Chantel McNulty who came in at #5. I don’t care how big her new breasts are, Liz and Shannon are the leading candidates to be the next Mrs. Big; Chantel is the leading candidate to get $20 of my hard-earned money lap-dancing.

But all that is just the potatoes of the blog; the meat of the site is the reviews and coverage of the online poker rooms, like full tilt poker. The full tilt poker review is one of the most comprehensive I’ve read,slot onlain  covering everything from branding to deposit options, software to the full tilt poker bonus players receive when making an initial deposit. The only thing missing from the review are links to the full tilt poker download and whether or not PokerLetter has a full tilt poker bonus code available. I’ve read nearly every post and haven’t found it, but perhaps the folks at will drop by and point us in the right direction.

Unlike many poker-related sites built solely to push the reader into an affiliate link,, the sponsor of this post, is a blog with an occasional affiliate link, and I believe we’d all feel comfortable reading on a regular basis.

I’m losing sleep over this

I don’t know who to trust anymore.

Has Phil Hellmuth won his 11th bracelet?

Is Milwaukee Best Light REALLY the sponsor of the WSOP Player of the Year award?

Is PokerNews REALLY reporting on the $1500 NLHE Shootout?

What’s real? What’s not?

I’m from the deep south, and when you mess with me, I’ll make you squeal like a pig – soooooooEEEEE!


Shut up, I was only kidding. Go check out the coverage, but know that the best WSOP reports are the after-action reports from Pauly and Change100. Oh yeah, Otis too. It’s an Otisian world.


I don’t care what David Chase says in the interviews. He still sucks. I’d have more respect if he’d had the balls to kill Tony and show the body. But, you know, he’s gotta keep his movie options open.

Cut to black… puh-lease…

David Chase = Big Pussy

Whatsamattah? Couldn’t decide how to end it? Jail? Death? Happily ever after? So you leave it THAT way? Really? That’s how you want to end this thing of ours?

Please. You’re better than that. Or, you were. Maybe you’re right, maybe it’s time to end this.


Adventure involving on-line is altering in to considerably than ever before just earlier than. That can be a final result inside the particular advancement nevertheless are site poker a long way superior to be able to life fashion gambling and even also the cause exactly why? This short article offers some factors web online poker is exceptional to way of life winning369.

Dominoqq Online Allow you to Raise Cash flow

You’ll be capable to play having this sport at any time together with wherever you desire to help. Have you ever grabbed within a good situation exactly the area you want to surface finish 1 matter mainly since you have no strategy precisely where you could perhaps maybe be ready to try out with this particular match, you can not practice it? This case will not ever occur in on the internet as a result of generally there genuinely are a good abundance connected with places on the internet where you’re capable to acquire your private undernourishment.

Dominoqq Online Help Anyone Raise Income

Make work to check twenty years. What exactly might you assume you’d do at the tournament you wanted to participate in with domino on the internet and within supplement you failed to are aware precisely where you’ll be capable to play? There isn’t any requirement to move for you to where ever to interact in with this specific 14, nowadays. Round the web, prepared capable of finding out there all over to a online poker region and there a chair whether or maybe not really it is possible as well as cash activity a recreation. Site Wayangpoker is the greatest spot Need to realize further click on here! Find a complete lot even more out associated to that situs texas holdem complement proper right here.

You may possibly possibly encounter quite a bit of chance as soon as playing with the complement regarding situs poker. 0. 02 in dividers, as well as any moment you have got troubles about devoting your current revenue on bandar website poker this is usually possible to choose to enjoy website wayangpoker. Finest advice regarding situs poker comes about on our site which will be official. True casinos generally have some form of wedding dress code and website poker and poker rooms genuinely will not have sort of code thus you’ve got the opportunity in the event you happen to get dressed as a component of your under garments. In online it’s major to use your reward. You carry out gambling in casinos you cannot use some style of reward passcode in order to double your put in up then all over again when a person simply play online you’ll be able to. Typically the betting or even gambling recreation is performed all about the world and several spots declare this playing or perhaps betting sport authorized or even lawful. Nonetheless many of the spots don’t declare this specific activity as lawful nonetheless online players are playing this entertainment.

Otherwise, the dice will be rolled over and more than until both the level or a 7 is definitely rolled. If the several comes earlier than the purpose a person win. Some sort of person bets on often the don’t go is identified as an “incorrect” bettor and is particularly usually successful when all the others is dropping, and vise Versa.



One of the biggest ever online poker series is back for 2010! The slot online Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) is back this coming May 3rd to 16th and please note the satellites are starting TODAY Monday the 5th April and buy ins start at just $0.25 and are easily found by going to ‘Events’ then ‘SCOOP’ in the PokerStars lobby.

In 2009 SCOOP was launched and took the poker world by storm. There will be millions of dollars – total guaranteed prize pool $45,000,000 – up for grabs.

With three levels of buy in – low, medium and high – throughout the Event, with guaranteed winnings to match, there is a tournament to suit every bankroll so we can all enjoy the fun. Excellent!!

If you are new to the biggest online poker site on the planet take a look at our PokerStars Review to find out all you need to know about our top site.

When you sign up with PokerStars use the PokerStars Marketing Code DIRPOKER combined with the PokerStars Bonus Code STARS600 for a top sign up bonus of 100% up to $600!

WSOP 2010 Satellites at Party Poker

WSOP 2010Party Poker have announced their generous WSOP 2010 $14,000 prize packages, you can WIN a package to the most famous poker game on the Planet!

Party is the biggest online poker site in Europe and they want YOU to don their threads and play in Las Vegas this coming July 5th to 17th.

There are fantastic WSOP 2010 prize packages up for grabs worth $14,000 and this is what you will get:-

$10,000 Main Event buy in

£2,000 Spending money

Hotel accommodation

Party Poker’s famous hospitality

WSOP seminar with Team Party

To play at WSOP is every poker player’s dream and with Party Poker you can get to Las Vegas and be playing for FREE, absolutely nothing, zilch!

Get playing Now and get your prize package under your belt and start planning a poker experience of a lifetime!

If you’ve not yet got a Party account just yet sign up today to take full advantage of the above WSOP satellites which will run until 13th June 2010.

Find out the real facts about Party by reading our honest Party Poker Review and Party Poker Bonus Code page where you can choose the sign up package to suit your play and bankroll.

Full Tilt Poker Series – Espana

Full Tilt Poker Series – Espana – four live tournaments with over €1 million in guaranteed prize money – excellent!

Full Tilt Poker Series, Espana kicks off in April at Casino Castell de Peralada in Gerona, Spain giving Full Tilt players the chance to pit their wits against the best poker players that Europe has to offer. The Prize Packages are worth $3,200 including buy in to the Main Event plus spending money.

No need to break the bank with a buy in direct ‘cos there’s satellites running NOW to get you to Gerona from just $5 – bargain!

Good news from Full Tilt Poker! Yet more good news is that when you sign up for a brand new Full Tilt Poker Account, and use the Full Tilt referral Code FTPGOLD, not only are you entitled to a top sign up bonus of 100% up to $500 but you will have access to exclusive Pokernews freerolls.

Just finished reading Deadman’s indobet 88 by James Swain. I last wrote about his books here.

I have to say that I enjoyed the book quite a lot. The plot involves the fixing of the World Poker Showdown, a fictionalized version of the WSOP, utilizing an unrevealed (in this book) cheating scam. A character reminiscent of Amarillo Slim makes the cheating accusation after busting out on Day 1 of the tournament, and Tony Valentine is called in to investigate. Along the way we’re treated to a number of prop bet scams, the workings of which are revealed in due time during the story – great stuff for the degenerates among us, fascinating for those of us that enjoy figuring out how magicians and conmen do their tricks.

Valentine’s son is along for the ride, and Swain has continued to mature Gerry and the relationship between father and son. Of course, while Gerry shows more flashes of being able to think on his feet in dangerous situations, including a gritty, distasteful sequence of events leading up to the climax, but it still takes Valentine riding to the rescue with the infantry in tow to save the day in the climax of this two-part story.

Two parts? Yep. The story continues in the next novel, Deadman’s Bluff, released only one-month after Deadman’s Poker. Up next on my reading list, of course.

We’re also provided with some Poker Protection Tips at the end of the book, the same tips that are available at his website. Swain knows his scams, and I’ve seen interviews on Tampa television where he displays impressive sleight-of-hand skills. I’m not sure I’d want him in my poker game, unless he was handcuffed, ear plugged, and blindfolded (but, as we find out, blindfolds and hoods can’t stop a determined scammer in this story!).

Anyway, this is an action story that moves right along. Having read the previous books in the Tony Valentine series, I knew what to expect and was not disappointed. Great stuff!

Coolest. Tool. Ever.

Found this one through one of the blogs Iggy pimped today.

Now, I can post a hand history without posting a hand history… sorta… anyway, if you’re into them, you can click and check it out. If you’re not, fuggedaboutit…

Scene was a $5 turbo rebuy MTT sat to a $160 WSOP double-shootout. Like all rebuys, and turbos, and especiallt rebuy turbos, it was wild during the 30-min rebuy period. Of course, when you pick up one good hand, one medicre hand and make a great read, and one sh**ty hand, and get lucky AND make a good read… well, this is bound to happen:



Although a month has passed since the launch of Gingerbread, it is available only in 0.4 percent of Android handsets. These figures are, however, likely to increase. According to JR Raphael of ComputerWorld, a representative from Google has said, “there have been no unexpected hurdles and that the rollout should be starting soon.”

Obviously owners of Nexus One have been waiting for Gingerbread for quite a while. We have all been hearing Google say that Gingerbread would arrive in just a few weeks ever since December. But we haven’t had any luck with Gingerbread even after several weeks. There was no response from Google even when Cyanogen started publishing nightlies about Gingerbread.

Waiting for Gingerbread has forced many to reconsider their take on Android upgrades. Normally, one would think that manufacturers would come out with their updates a little faster if need be. People expected the same from Google as well. However, in light of the present scenario, this review is certainly questionable. If it’s taking Google so long to get its own Experience handset updated to a new version of Android, the issue probably is more serious than it appears to be. Google probably isn’t trying hard enough.

To translate this content in other language, contact Translation Companies UK

Maybe the rebooting virus that was exposed during the launch of Nexus S is responsible for the delay. We are all hoping to receive a few answers from Google shortly.

Android Awaits Peggle and Plants Vs Zombies

Not only has PopCap’s Jeff Green confirmed that the wait is now almost over, he has also shown images of the video games running on the Samsung Nexus One. For those who are yet to experience these classics by PopCap, these are, in essence, video game crack, which you would find difficult to stop once you begin playing. Peggle is following a trend based on the classic game called Plinko from Price is Right. PvZ is truly (as it sounds) a game of tower defense that involves pitting plants against the living dead.

Jeff Green, the Director of Editorial and Social Media of PopCap released images of all these games running on the Samsung Nexus One in a chain of tweets. Finally, he responded to a query by stating that these games will not be supported by ads and probably, would be sold via “the various marketplaces.”

Many of us are excited about these games. It is good to see that PopCap will not follow GameLoft and avoid the Market. Rather, it appears, that not only would the games be available in the Android Market, they might also come to the Amazon Market as well as the Tegra Zone Market.


Not to be confused with Sky sanghoki , many airlines have started to look at Poker as a form of entertainment for their guests. For more than a year now, Delta Airlines has provided in-flight Texas Hold’em Poker games through an online venue. Now because of the success for more airlines are getting into the gambling business. British Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Virgin Airlines will begin offering casino games through online gambling portals.

The opportunity to offer these games will permits online poker players to hone their skills while traveling. They games will be offered in-flight for extended in air travel. While Texas hold them poker has become a revenue-generating forum for Delta Airlines, the games have only been permitted on flights with in the US borders. In the case of the new gambling Airlines the games will be played on flights that originate as well as end outside of the United States. This is an observance of the United States Prohibition of foreign gambling operators offering US citizens online gaming opportunities.

The United States Department of Transportation invested time and finances into a study regarding the potential revenue offered by in-flight gambling. This study revealed that a US based airlines could potentially add an additional $300 million to their annual revenue base. To do this they would use the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 as their protection. This would facilitate the ability to offer in-flight gambling to anybody on their Airlines. However the US would have to open the ability to offer online gaming through the airlines on international flights. This confirms the advantages Singapore Airlines, British airlines, Virgin, and Cathay Pacific will appreciate as they begin to introduce in-flight gambling and poker opportunities.

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Chris “SlippyJacks” Vaughn Chattin About the Scandal

A while back we reported on Chris “BluffmagCV” Vaughn getting busted for cheating on Full Tilt.  Well, Chris is back playing again at PokerStars under his account SlippyJacks and was caught up in some discussion with a player on the rail this morning about the incident.  Here is the chat:

ilivebythe5 [observer]: chris you actually playing this tournament?

SlippyJacks: yes

SlippyJacks: im on a downswing

SlippyJacks: dont make fun of me!

ilivebythe5 [observer]: so you are playing clean now i see?

SlippyJacks: if i win this one ill be breakeven on the week

SlippyJacks: not sure what clean means

Sanborn12 [observer]: k i will take it easy on you.

ilivebythe5 [observer]: no controversy on who is playing for you

SlippyJacks: obv

SlippyJacks: that was long time ago

SlippyJacks: or long time in poker years

SlippyJacks: ie like 9 months

ilivebythe5 [observer]: haha i know

ilivebythe5 [observer]: i’m saying, glad to see you’ve come clean

SlippyJacks: oh

SlippyJacks: ty

ilivebythe5 [observer]: gl

SlippyJacks: yah it only happened once

SlippyJacks: stupid mistake

SlippyJacks: =(

SlippyJacks: all it takes is once tho

swellmuth [observer]: ^^^agreed

Sanborn12 [observer]: lol i think i know but it happens to the best of us

ilivebythe5 [observer]: true, and people had a HAY day with it

SlippyJacks: this is also true

SlippyJacks: i was jus a broke *** kid

SlippyJacks: and my eyes were bigger than my stomach

SlippyJacks: yanno

ilivebythe5 [observer]: but i guess when you accomplish one of greatest feats in online that happens

SlippyJacks: its easier to say u wouldnt do it after u get rich an ****

SlippyJacks: never bein able to play ftp

SlippyJacks: is pretty big punishment

SlippyJacks: in itself

SlippyJacks: im sure sorel would agree

hoooopi [observer]: gl slippyjacks wish u can win

SlippyJacks: tyty

ilivebythe5 [observer]: yeah, but he is at least better than I am only playing one card

ilivebythe5 [observer]: if i was half as talented as that guy, wow

SlippyJacks: hhaha

SlippyJacks: he learned it hand by hand

SlippyJacks: like everyone else

SlippyJacks: it can be done 😉

ilivebythe5 [observer]: granted you still made it pretty darn far yourself in both of them

SlippyJacks: well

SlippyJacks: i won the second one 😉

SlippyJacks: i sold the ftp one with 22 left

ilivebythe5 [observer]: yeah i know but i’m saying that’s still pretty darn good

SlippyJacks: haha

SlippyJacks: lucky

SlippyJacks: any idiot can win a poker tourney 😉


Last night, in an annual tradition, the President of the United States addressed the Congress, his cabinet and our country on the “state of the union” and the goals of the government for 2007. Not surprisingly the president did not include the “state of poker” among his crucial national issues. Thus, I would like to take this moment to provide an update on where poker sits today and examine how you and the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) can continue to work together to preserve and protect the game we love.

As we know painfully well, poker has come under vicious attack over the past year. We continue to learn on a regular basis about home and tavern poker games being raided by law enforcement and how charitable

Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments are being shut down. Perhaps even worse, we have seen the federal government’s full force efforts to curb this American tradition from the Internet. Legislation aimed at prohibiting you from funding your online poker accounts passed the U.S. House this summer, then was quietly slipped into a port security bill, literally in the dark of night, which was signed into law on October 13. During these troubling times, the PPA has given you a voice to express your opposition to the government’s intrusive actions and to rally in a united fashion against these constitutional incursions.

The impact has been jarring, as the largest, publicly traded online poker operators shut down services to

U.S. players. While many reputable sites still offer services to

U.S. players, recent actions to close down payment processors and to subpoena banks are clear indications that the federal government is aggressively pushing the online gambling prohibition.

We don’t have to tell you that a prohibition won’t work, and in fact will likely cause many more problems than it aims to solve. The unintended consequences will soon be apparent and all the good intentions of protecting children, helping problem gamblers, and ensuring the integrity of financial transactions will be lost as rogue sites and unregulated payment methodologies surface to replace the trustworthy operators the government is driving out of business.

The PPA is not standing idly by. online casino real money no deposit should be exempt under the new law and that exemption is our primary goal. I have spent a good portion of January in Washington, D.C., meeting with lawmakers and others to get support for legislation that would provide a “skill game” exemption for poker. We hope to have a bill introduced very soon and then bring to bear the voice of more than 135,000 members of the PPA to push Congress to do the right thing. This would be a very positive development for the game. For the past year, we have been on the defensive, but now is the time to go on the offensive and get a bill introduced.

This year we will also be taking the issue directly to Members of Congress in their home districts, to truly nationalize the debate. We had a tremendous response from our members about becoming PPA grassroots representatives on the state and regional levels. Soon we will be announcing our positions across the country and engaging

U.S. Representatives and Senators where they used to feel safe from facts and spirited debate.

While we are working toward the short-term goal of a poker exemption, the PPA will also be laying the foundation for the eventual

U.S. regulation of online poker. This is the only proven public policy for online gaming. Licensing, regulating, and taxing online poker is technically feasible and the sensible and fiscally responsible thing to do. We will be working with others in

Washington to move Congress in this direction.


[Updated with the sad, sad results. Apparently agreement with BG isn’t the best thing.]

I feel bad because I owe you all a couple more Playboy Mansion posts. I’ve really been slacking here at Up for Poker, so I vow to get back on track.


But speaking of tracks… I’ve been working on the Saturday card at Tampa Bay Downs. BG says there are some really obvious favorites in about 2/3 of the races. I guess we’ll see how much I know if my picks match his. Without further ado, here they are (TOP CHOICE listed first):

Race 1:

#3 Sweet Devil

#6 Little Bit Foolish

#7 Captain Zones

#3 Sweet Devil, #12 Lucky Dove, #2 Forli’s Limit: We both liked the winner in this one.

Race 2:

#1 Windsor Dickens

#8 Rocky Plains

#7 Caper On Holme

#6 Angel by Day, #2 Savannah’s Wish, #1 Windsor slot gacor Dickens: My internet died around here so I didn’t get to see it. My top choice got up for show.

Race 3:

#10 Hamlin

#6 Success Affirmed

#3 Edgerson

#9 Toka King, #5 Fire Striker, #6 Success Affirmed: My internet returned just in time to see my top choice turn right out of the gate. That’s not a good thing.

Race 4:

#2 Bye Bye Ladies

#6 Stormy Babe

#10 Diamond Fire

#6 Stormy Babe, #2 Bye Bye Ladies, #9 Mysteriousness: I really, really liked Bye Bye Ladies but he came up just short.

Race 5:

#10 Hup Two

#8 Shucks

#3 Hots Is Hot

#3 Hots Is Hot, #7 Crafty Slew, #1 Volcanic Force: Wasn’t too close on this one.

Race 6:

#5 Worldly Endeavor

#7 Splice Girl

#3 Witto Road

#5 Worldly Endeavor, #8 Rolly’s Babysnooks, #9 Precocity Princess: My top choice came across first, but, for some reason, I didn’t bet it.

Race 7:

#7 Professor Biggs

#9 Big Tex

#6 Sandy’s Secret

#9 Big Tex, #3 Drivingmaxandmitzi, #7 Professor Biggs: This was my one and only big hit of the day. Big Tex went off at 12/1 and I had a $5 WP on him.

Race 8:

#9 She Too

#5 Dual Diagnosis

#1 Honeymooning

#2 Top Kitten, #7 Debs Gone Shopping, #5 Dual Diagnosis: Huh? Actually, Dual Diagnosis made a nice run after a slow start

Race 9:

#4 Seneca Summer

#1 Tyler’s Jewel

#8 Northcountry Chief

#6 Ceviche, #5 Notonetoquit, #1 Tyler’s Jewel: Yet again, the best I could do is find one of my horses in the show.

Race 10:

#6 Puzzle

#9 Secret Samba

#10 Full Flavor

#6 Puzzle, #5 Secret Lies, #10 Full Flavor: Unfortunately, Secret Lies screwed up a nice little pay day here.

Race 11:

#10 Light Night

#3 Lakely

#5 O’Malley

#6 Lite Up, #3 Lakely, #10 Light Night: If the 25/1 shot Lite Up drops dead, I have the winner, the exacta and the trifecta. Dammit.

Race 12:

#9 National Anthem

#6 Skipteaser

#7 Go for Glitter

#8 Peter’s Puddles, #12 Unreal General, #3 Major Parker: A fitting way to finish the day. The winner paid $72, the exacta paid $840 and the trifecta paid $8021. I, of course, was nowhere near those horses.

It was a big loss day at the track. I sure better find a way to improve before Kentucky Derby day!