We all aspire to a smooth, clear complexion. When pimples arise, the need to flatten them out and squeeze is understandable. Unfortunately though, this may lead to short and long-term problems such as persistent redness, large brown stains (hyperpigmentation) and scarring (loss of skin substructure). Stains and scars are often confused by patients – stains are pale or brown flat marks whereas scars can be seen as indentations or pock marks in the skin. It’s now recognized that scars can also develop from small as well as large lumpy pimples.


For both scars and stains, the best treatment is avoidance – that is, preventing the acne in the first place or at least treating it early and avoiding picking or squeezing the spots. To learn more about your interest on “best injectables for face“, check here



To treat acne and prevent new scars from forming, you should remember:


You should get help for your acne as soon as you notice it as early treatment minimizes the severity of acne and the risk of scarring

Effective acne treatments are available

You can control and cover the visible lesions and avoid embarrassment

Types of Acne Scars

It is common to have stains and mild scars from acne. Stains will generally improve with time and can be helped to improve more quickly with skin care treatments such as topical retinoids, alpha-hydroxy acids and therapeutic exfoliating facials. For many of those with mild scars, they may not even be aware of it – some of these may improve over time. However, severe scarring may be more difficult to treat.


There are a number of types of scars caused by acne. (Pictures can be found at Types of Acne Scars)


Ice pick scars – Deep pits, that are the most common and a classic sign of acne scarring.

Box car scars – Angular scars that usually occur on the temple and cheeks, and can be either superficial or deep, these are similar to chickenpox scars.

Rolling scars – Scars that give the skin a wave-like appearance.

Hypertrophic scars – Thickened, or keloid scars.

Acne Scar Treatment Facts:

Ideally, acne should be quiescent or controlled before treating scars

Treatments for scars depend on the specific scar type

Treatment also depends on your skin type.

Embarrassment from is most often due to facial scars – effective treatment can lead to an improvement in self-image and confidence

Scars on the chest and back will also respond to treatment

Non-surgical Treatment For Acne Scars

There are several non-surgical treatment options that may be appropriate for your acne scars:


Skin Camouflage/Cover-up:

For patients with active acne, acne staining, and scars – effective camouflage foundation can improve the appearance of the skin rapidly. Choose products that are non-comedogenic and non-acnegenic and have your tones matched by a skin-care expert to achieve that matte, flawless appearance.


Topical Creams: (Tretinoin):

Can improve your acne, reduce staining and improve fine scars by causing gentle exfoliation and by encouraging collagen production.


Chemical Peels (AHA peels):

Can improve overall skin tone and luster, but do little for scars, it works best if you get a series of at least six peels, having one every 1-2 weeks.


Skin Fillers/injectables:

Materials are injected into the depressed area of the scar to elevate it to the level of the normal surrounding skin. This treatment is best for scars with smooth shoulders such as thumbprint or rolling scars. Evaluating whether individual scars will respond to fillers is easily done by placing slight tension at the scar edge – if this improves the appearance of the scars, fillers will help. There are temporary and permanent fillers – examples are: Artecoll®, Zyplast®, Restylane®, and HylaForm®.


Non-ablative collagenosis:

New laser and radiofrequency devices are being evaluated for enhancing collagen formation in deeper skin layers without damaging the skin surface. It is possible that these treatments may also prove useful in acne scarring.


Surgical Treatment Options For Acne Scars

  1. Microdermabrasion:

It uses very fine aluminum crystals to achieve light exfoliation of the skin. This is helpful for staining and very fine scars. It also works best if you get a series of at least 6, having one every 1-2 weeks.


  1. Photorejuvenation:

Using laser or broadband visible light, 5-6 treatments that are performed every 3-4 weeks. This treatment improves mild acne scarring by causing new collagen formation.


  1. Scar Revision:

Surgical removal (excision) of acne scars is especially effective for ice pick and boxcar scars. The excision may be in the form of a punch that is closed with sutures that are removed about 7 days later. The end result is replacement of a circular scar with a linear suture scar.


Another technique called subcision uses a sharp instrument to undercut the tethered bases of scars. In this case, the overlying skin is not cut so there is no need for sutures. Further improvement can then be achieved by injecting filler substances into the subcised regions.


  1. Resurfacing:
  2. a) Ablative Laser Treatments: – Laser resurfacing (CO2 laser, Erbium Yag laser): These resurfacing lasers remove the surface layer of skin and cause a zone of heat injury. The healing process allows for reformation with younger less scarred skin and deeper layer of new collagen formation.


  1. b) Dermabrasion: – This is a mechanical procedure in which a rapidly rotating wire or brush is used to strip off the surface irregularities of skin. Felt by most experts to be the most effective primary treatment for extensive scarring, it can be used in conjunction with fillers and excision.




It’s paramount for entrepreneurs to know and understand their customers. The customer relationship can help grow business as well as product development.

Customers are typically not very helpful or open to new products, ideas, etc. Main reason is that they have their own priorities and they can be lazy. They are comfortable doing things in a certain way, dealing with existing vendors, and do not need added hassle of working with newer innovative ideas. Typically there are 2 ways to engage them more at idea stage of a start-up,

  1. have the pressure applied to them from the top (top down approach) – for B2B products and services, this can be done by engaging potentially more visionary or relationship driven senior management first and then having them bring rest of their organization along.
  2. share the vision with them and make it feel to them as their own dream; if it excites them or solves some of their pain points, they would be more willing to help. It does not matter what your product can do, what matters is what your product can do for the target clients. So when you communicate with them, Brassica Fintech dont tell them what you know, tell them what they need to know. Its tough to do this as you have think what your customers want before you say anything, but this can be very effective if done properly. This is a sales tip 1-o-1.

If there is relevant value add, your target customers will get engaged. Take an example, if Ferrari tries to do mass selling in India because they have the fastest car in the world, it may not sell that well. Indian roads are not smooth and cannot support efficient faster driving. But if Ferrari tries to sell by offering exclusive luxury car proposition, it can be sold to ultra high net worth individuals in India.


Also another tip on marketing; its very important to show up in front of customers. Half the battle is to ensure you have time to meet your customer and keep him posted about the developments. Do not act unprofessionally by shying away from any delays, issues, or challenges with the customer. Always communicate and understand that Bad news is better than no news.

Having said that, there is a slightly counter-intuitive argument as well. Do customers know what they want?

Many people advise that every product should be developed in conjunction with the customer. Sure, that helps in ensuring customer problems are solved, the product is adapted to the customer’s workflow and operations, and that there is genuine product demand etc.

But does that really lead to innovation? Can customers really think out of the box and imagine what they may want in the future? In most cases, the answer to these questions would be a NO.

For an entrepreneur, it’s important to understand the customer, know their current ways of doing things, how they use products / services currently, and also their pain points and potentially perceived end goals. Once you do know that, then you should create a vision with your idea, turned into product / service and create something that customer would love to have in the future. Of course you need to get its timing, technology, delivery, price and various other factors right.

– Had Steve Jobs asked customers using Sony walkman or another portable audio music player, do you want something more or different, I bet many would not have been able to imagine an iPod.

– iPhone, 3D printers and various other disruptive products are developed from an idea, vision converted into the reality … and eventually it becomes standard product that everyone wants.

PS: This view of smart entrepreneurs is a double edged sword. They are smart so they can derive any conclusion from any fact / hypothesis. They do see opportunities in Crisis, or a NO. They definitelly need this conviction and vision.

But sometimes this may lead them to creating not most relevant products and businesses. It’s a fine balancing act between seeing what is there, versus what they want to see.

The online tournament scene is certainly on the upswing.  Over the past month online toto hk events have been growing like wildfire with tournaments rebounding nicely from the April 15th crackdown of American online poker. For a few months tournaments were struggling to reach their guarantees as players were apprehensive to return to internet poker.  However, as they say, time heals all, and within the past month tournament attendance has certainly been on the mend.

Many sites have made changes to their events and schedule in order to attract more players.  PokerStars moved events up a few hours to accommodate those in Europe, Asia, and Australia.  Party Poker got rid of tournament fees all together in a move that has greatly improved attendance.  Other sites have been promoting their events differently as well as re-working their satellites to try and boost attendance.


The Party Poker move certainly worked.  By eliminating fees their tournaments have grown at an incredible rate including their weekly $200k guaranteed.  What was once a $300,000 guaranteed event has seen its prize pool shrink over the past few years as more players decided to play on PokerStars and FullTilt. However, with FTP completely out of commission for the time being it was Party and PokerStars who took many of their players.  This past weekend more than 1,300 players entered the $200k creating a $287,240 prize pool.  The $215+$0 buy-in event would typically have had $20,400 less in the prize pool had PartyPoker charged their $15 fee. In fact, this big boost in the prize pool allowed to $200k to surpass the Sunday500 on PokerStars for the first time in a long while.


The final table pitted 10 strong players against one another with more than $60,000 on the line for the winner. That number never came to be as the final two participants decided upon a chip chop with eventual winner “TangoDownJJJ” taking home the biggest piece of the pie. Runner-up Niall “firaldo87″ Farrell earned $38,921 after the deal. It was a curious chop to say the least as Farrell is no slouch in the online tournament scene having made multiple FTOPS final tables including a 4th place finish in 2010 in Event #20 for $33,000. His opponent was nowhere near as decorated an online player, especially on Party Poker where he had not a single score to his name.


Party Poker Sunday $200k Guaranteed

1,336 Entrants; $287,240 prize pool

*2-way deal


  1. TangoDownJJJ $55,869
  2. firaldo87 $38,921
  3. sketch1967 $20,825
  4. Echomaus $16,516
  5. p00cket00 $13,644
  6. paulii $10,772
  7. LembraTeBem $8,186
  8. READBLANK $5,458
  9. D_Daastardly $4,165
  10. malocoeur $2,872


While the iPoker Network, along with its flagship site Titan Poker, has been unable to keep up with the Party $200k, their $200,000 guaranteed event has been gaining some steam lately. For awhile the $200+$15 buy-in event has been struggling to even come close to its guarantee, let alone surpass it. However, that has all changed since the WSOP as it seems their traffic is up and with it attendance in their Sunday $200k. Yesterday 1,064 players entered iPoker’s biggest weekly event creating a nice $212,800 prize pool. The $44,688 first-place prize went to “TAPIS44″ who appears to have earned the biggest score of his career on iPoker. His heads-up opponent, “DimaDima13″, was slightly more experienced having won the $10k Re-buy for $4,339 back in February. Overall there was more than $130,000 on the line at the final table, a great sign for the future of online events at one of the world’s largest poker networks.


Titan Poker Sunday $200k Guaranteed

1,064 Entrants; $212,800 prize pool


  1. TAPIS44 $44,688
  2. DimaDima13 $23,408
  3. ines1987 $17,024
  4. gwka $12,768
  5. jerQules $10,640
  6. WRHearst $8,512
  7. SirNitAlot $6,384
  8. mcberdy71 $4,256
  9. b8chattz $2,979
  10. kokynho7 $2,128


Much like the Titan $200k, the $100,000 guaranteed on Bodog as been steadily improving as of late. The $150+$12 event has finally been able to creep past its six-figure guarantee after years of falling short. Bodog, the world’s premier online sportsbook and casino, is one of just a handful of poker networks to remain open to the US market even in the face of the the DOJ crackdown. They offer fishy games, decent software, and the ability to play up to four tables at once. Bodog was once one of the fast growing rooms until PokerStars and FullTilt started cornering the market. Making the site even better is their ability to process payouts quickly even after online poker’s Black Friday. The $100k was won this week by “LOEWA79″ who earned just under $25,000 for the victory. What’s interesting is back when there was overlay in this event the winner always took home $25,000. However, because there are more participating now there are more getting paid which takes away ever so slightly from the players making the final table. While this was the biggest score of his career, LOEWA79 is certainly no stranger to online success having won the $109 re-buy on PokerStars for $18,480 back in 2007 as well as the $40k on FTP that same year for $13,387. The New York based poker player seems to have turned to Bodog since being uprooted from FullTilt and PokerStars earlier this year by the US Government.


Bodog Sunday $100k Guaranteed

704 Entrants; $105,600 prize pool


  1. LOEWA79 $24,921
  2. San Juan Kid $14,361
  3. pieinsky $9,609
  4. whynut $7,392
  5. AA_PeachOfaHand $6,019
  6. Nan Q $4,752
  7. VThokie09 $3,484
  8. uNOiTzRIGGED $2,323
  9. MerilMistilteinn $1,372


The world’s largest online poker room continues to dominate the Sunday tournament scene. PokerStars, which moved up the start of all of their majors two hours, has continued seemingly unaffected by losing 20% of their player base after Black Friday. A lot of this could be attributed to FullTilt players looking for a home. Because Stars was able to pay out all of their players while FullTilt has still not paid back a single cent, it seems players are willing to trust the online poker giant. Their three biggest events, the $500k Warm-Up, Sunday Million, and $250k Sunday500 all easily surpassed their guarantees this past weekend on the way to another huge day for PokerStars MTTs.


Things got started off on the right foot when more than 3,200 players entered the Warm-Up creating a massive $654,800 prize pool. With so much money on the line it was no surprise when the final three players decided upon a chip chop according to their respective chip counts. Taking home the title and the biggest check was “omalos” who earned $82,314 for a hard day’s work. This was the biggest score for a player who is used to big cashes on Stars. In the past omalos has finished 7th in the Million for $34,300 as well as 4th in a $215 re-buy back in the 2008 WCOOP for $74,159. The high-stakes player doesn’t play a lot of Stars, but when he does he typically wins big. Runner-up “Päffchen” is no slouch himself having earned a handful of five-figure scores on PokerStars in the past. The small-stakes grinder has played more than 50,000 tournaments over his career on Stars and has accumulated more than $1,300,000 in cashes in the process.


PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up $500k Guaranteed

3,274 Entrants’ $654,800 prize pool

*3-way deal


  1. omalos $82,314
  2. Päffchen $78,901
  3. OU THE NICK $72,221
  4. Jossel2008 $37,651
  5. JeanGrae $27,829
  6. abeainy $21,281
  7. kharak $14,733
  8. BMW 330XD $8,185
  9. BOOOOMMMMMMM $5,238.40


Even though the Warm-Up had a huge day it still pales in comparison to the $1,362,200 prize pool in the Sunday Million. Online poker’s biggest weekly event did not disappoint yesterday as 6,811 players ponied up the $200+$15 entry fee for a shot at glory. Taking full advantage of his opportunity was “jclever16″ who took down a massive $207,195 score for his victory. What is incredible about his win is he was virtually unknown on PokerStars seemingly having just played a handful of events there in the past. Runner-up “PSMozak” had more experience on Stars, but was unable to outlast his opponent during heads-up play. PSMozak had about $200,000 in cashes on Stars entering the final table making his $153,247 score nearly as much as all of his previous 290 or so cashes combined. All in all, the Sunday Million final table paid out more than $700,000 and made three players over six-figures apiece.


PokerStars Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed

6,811 Entrants; $1,362,200 prize pool


  1. jclever16 $207,195
  2. PSMozak $153,247
  3. prrrak4783 $108,976
  4. JoaoCastro91 $74,921
  5. Sniper0612 $57,212
  6. Pippa83 $43,590
  7. gittermaster $29,968
  8. SOLYPLAYA $16,346
  9. DinRin $10,557


Wrapping up a strong day on Stars was their highest buy-in major event, the $250,000 guaranteed Sunday500. Formerly a half-million dollar guaranteed event, the Sunday500 tends to attract very good players because of its higher entry fee. This week was no exception as a handful of strong competitors made their way to the final table to compete for a $49,538 first-place prize. Taking home the title was “810ofclubs” who has seen great success in major events on PokerStars in the past. The high-stakes tournament professional nearly won the SCOOP Main Event back in May before busting in 6th place for $167,200. He has won one of the huge $109 re-buys for $88,221 and now has another major victory to his name. He had taken down a formidable opponent in “eShaMeister” during heads-up play.


One final note on PokerStars, their $55 Red Spade Open carried a $1,000,000 guarantee this past weekend and crowned “VL-Hannibal” as its victor. The tournament ended up paying out more than $1,580,000 as 31,743 competitors entered the $50+$5 event.


PokerStars Sunday500 $250k Guaranteed

527 Entrants; $263,500 prize pool


  1. 810ofclubs $49,538
  2. eShaMeister $36,100
  3. donkno2 $26,614
  4. PapaGreggio $20,026
  5. House of Hor $14,071
  6. OPIGGYBANK $11,199
  7. Miss Baxter $8,564
  8. dal_elama
  9. xxmxx-1984 $3,953


Our Sunday Tournament Report finishes this week with the Sunday $100,000 guaranteed on Merge Poker. The tournament keeps inching closer towards its guarantee, but yet again fell short of the 1,000 entrant mark. With just under $6,000 in overlay there was some nice value for those playing, including winner “PlayingwiththePros” who earned $20,000 for the win. At this time there is still not a lot of information on all of the final table competitors. However, as Merge continues to grow with its skins like Lock, RPM, Carbon, and more there is no doubt databases will start paying attention to one of the biggest networks still serving American poker players.


Merge Poker Sunday $100k Guaranteed

943 Entrants; $100,000 prize pool


  1. PlayingwiththePros $20,000
  2. MenachemBenUri $12,000
  3. Izlude44 $6,500
  4. mm9605 $5,000
  5. rivermen123 $4,250
  6. aficio $3,500
  7. Fridureiks $2,750
  8. Ericw123 $2,250
  9. linquenito $1,750


Everyone was laughing at event 13 of the FTOPS 9, mainly because the game being played was HA (okay bad jokes over).  Just what is HA?  For those who don’t know, HA is a mixed game which is half PL Hold’em and half PL Omaha.  In total, 913 players paid the $200 + $16 buy-in which made Full Tilt have to put up an overlay of $17,400 since the guarantee offered was $200,000.  This seems to be a re-occuring theme in this series as many events didn’t break their set guarantees.

Max Pescatori was the red man that everyone had their eyes on this 꽁머니  event and he is no rookie to tournament play.  He has over 17 cashes in the WSOP, 2 bracelets, and over $2.5 million in career earnings.   He also defended his hosting job pretty well in this tournament, but couldn’t keep it up for a final table.  He was one of 2 red prs to finish in the money, the other was Sigi Stockinger in 87th, and Max Pescatori was eliminated just short of the final table, 14th for $1,320.

Even though it wasn’t Pescatori’s day, it was for one of the remaining 9 players at the final table.  The guarantee wasn’t met, but there was still $45,000 that would be awarded to the tournament winner.  Who would that be?  Eventually, Dukatos battled his way to the top, and took down Allin4Narnia heads up collecting $45,000 for his win and the yellow FTOPS jersey avatar.  Special congratulations to Dukatos for his win, and everyone who finished in the money in event 13, $216 HA:

Event 11 of the FTOPS 9 was the game of limit hold’em.  Although limit hold’em doesn’t attract as many fish since they can’t just push all-in, Full Tilt offered a $200,000 guarantee for the $216 buy-in.  Well, with only 932 players registered, Full Tilt ended up having to put up an overlay of $13,600 which was good news for the players!  The eventual winner would take home $45k.

This event was hosted by cowboy Andy Bloch, and even his avatar sports his infamous Full Tilt cowboy hat.   However his hat couldn’t bring him luck in this tournament, as he busted early on in 623rd place.  In total 108 places were paid and out of the 18 red pros in this tournament, only 3 cashed; Michael Craig finished 99th, John Cernuto 41st, and Markus Golser took 24th.

It was sweetnees for one person in this tournament, in fact, it was sugar sweetness.  That is because Sugarsweetness topped the other 931 competitors, earning himself $45,000 and the yellow FTOPS jersey!  Sugarsweetness beat FM2T in an epic limit hold’em heads up battle, and FM2T collected $28,500 for his runner up finish.  Congratulations to Sugarsweetness and everyone who finished in the money in event 11 of the FTOPS 9, $216 LHE:

Pretty much every poker site online has a VIP program, and Betfair.com is no different. The new togel Singapore loyalty program was rolled out at the start of this year, and it includes benefits such as freerolls and free merchandise. All the special perks will have you feeling confident that you are part of one of the best Euro poker sites online.

When you join Betfair, you automatically start at Bronze, the first player level of the VIP program. Bronze status gives you the ability to earn Store Points and trade them in for cash bonuses. You also get to play in a $1k monthly freeroll, and you’ll receive referral bonuses for inviting your friends to Betfair.

Player Points are earned by playing in real money games. 3.25 Points are awarded for every $1 rake paid in cash games, and 5 Points are awarded for every $1 paid in tournament fees. At the Bronze VIP level, you can trade 900 Store Points for $10 in bonus cash.

Earning 400 Player Points in one month moves you from Bronze status to Silver. 1300 Points takes you to Gold, 3,500 Points gets you to Sapphire, and 6,000 Points elevates you to Diamond, the highest possible where monthly statuses are concerned. There are also two annual player levels: Master and Grand Master. You need to earn 14,000 Player Points to become a Master and 60,000 Player Points to become a Grand Master.

The benefits increase as you climb the VIP levels. Higher levels give larger Store Points multipliers, and people in higher levels also receive better deals when it comes to trading Points for cash bonuses. There are also higher monthly freerolls, free Arcade Plays, and free Casinos Chips. The highest VIP levels offer free VIP merchandise, an annual offline VIP event, and exclusive sports tickets.

As with most money poker sites, it will be necessary to focus most or all of your playing time on Betfair in order to achieve the very best in this loyalty program. Once you see all the special rewards and benefits, however, you will probably agree that the effort is well worth the trouble!

Grand Series of Poker VI

Ongame sites are hosting the 6th annual Grand Series of Poker (GSOP) between February 27th and March 13th. 15 events are scheduled and with almost $3 million total guaranteed, there is serious money to be won.

If you like deep stack poker, it is a good time to try your luck on the best Euro poker sites. Event 1 is a No Limit Holdem Deepstack tournament with a $190+$10 buy-in and $400k guaranteed. Another deepstack event takes place on March 6th for the same buy-in, this time with $350k guaranteed.

Holdem dominates the GSOP schedule, but there are some Omaha events to break the monotony. Event 4 features Omaha Hi/Lo with rebuys, Event 6 is a regular Omaha event with $50k guaranteed, and Event 12 is a short-handed tournament with rebuys.

If you usually play on a PokerStars download and you are used to huge prize pools, you will want to play the Main Event on March 13th: a $500+$25 No Limit Holdem event with $500k guaranteed. First place will be huge in this event, so it’s definitely the tournament for you if you are looking for a gigantic pay day!

When deciding which Ongame site to choose, consider their promotions and bonuses very carefully because some suit tournament players better than others. One great promo for tournament players is that hosted by Betfair. If you finish in the top three of three GSOP events, you have the chance to receive a $100k sponsorship deal with the site! There are also bonus prizes for finishing at three final tables and finishing in the money in three events.



Sometimes togel hongkong tables allow a late surrender in the game, which slightly decreases the house edge. When they do, that brings an extra decision to basic strategy and gives players more to remember. If you remember your blackjack basic strategy charts, there are a few times where it says to surrender if allowed, otherwise hit. You should only surrender in those situations.

The problem is some people like to deviate from basic strategy and they think they know of other times where they should surrender. When they do, it’s usually the result of bad math. One classic example is the hard 15.

There are only four situations where basic strategy says to surrender, which is a hard 16 versus a dealer nine, 10 or ace and a hard 15 versus a dealer ten. With any other hand combination, even if the odds are with you losing, you have better odds playing out the hand than giving up half of your bet.

Many players, though, think that it’s a good idea to surrender if you have a hard 15 or 16 and are facing a dealer 7, 8, 9, 10 or ace. Here’s where that bad math comes into play. In those situations, you will lose more than half of the time. With your hard 15, for example, 53% of the remaining cards in the deck would bust your hand. Since more than 53% of the time you will lose with that hand (there are also times when you will not bust but will be outdrawn), people think that it’s better to surrender 50% of your bet all the time. That sounds reasonable, right?

Wrong. This way of thinking doesn’t take into account the money that you win 47% of the time. Instead of simply subtracting the amount of money you lose on your bad hands and comparing that to surrendering half of your bet, you have to combine your winnings to the equation.

To simplify things, let’s forget about pushes for the moment, when you neither win nor lose and get your bet back. Let’s say that there are only two options: You will win or you will lose. Now let’s say that there are 100 cards and 53 will cause you to lose and 47 will cause you to win. You are betting $1 per hand. Would it be better to play the hands or to surrender half of your bet on all 100 hands?

If you surrender on the 100 hands then you lose $50. If you play each hand, you will lose $53 and win $47 dollars. That means you only had a net loss of $6. Sounds better, right?

Even if the odds are tilted farther and 70 cards will cause you to lose and only 30 will cause you to win, you still want to play. Even though you will lose 70% of the time, again you have to do the math. In this case, you would lose $70 and win $30, for a net loss of $40. That is still better than the $50 you would lose by surrendering.

So when would you surrender? The break-even point would be if you lose 75% of the time. If 75 cards will cause you to lose and 25 will cause you to win, drawing 100 cards would cause you to lose $75 and win $25, for a net loss of $50. That is the same as surrendering. Therefore, you would only want to surrender when your chance of losing is more than 75%. If you won’t lose three times more often than you win, you don’t want to surrender.

Now that’s not taking into consideration that sometimes you will push. Honestly, I’m not a mathematician, so I can’t calculate your odds with a third possibility in there (win, loss, tie). Given all of the card combinations, there are thousands of player versus dealer combinations when you have a fifteen versus a dealer 7, 8, 9, 10 and ace. That’s why I trust the mathematicians who came up with basic strategy. It has been tested and found to be the wise strategy. Instead of inventing your own strategy where you surrender at the wrong times, it’s best to stick to the basics.



A California casino is suing an unknown individual over video footage that they allege was illegally obtained, illegally published and detrimental to their business. Lucky Chances Casino, located in the Bay area, filed a lawsuit over two videos that have appeared on YouTube.

The two videos, titled “Casino Fight 555” and “Casino Fight 333,” show physical altercations taking place on the casino floor while customers are playing blackjack. Initially it was believed that the videos were taken with a camera phone. However, given the birds-eye view and the time and date stamp, it is now believed that the video was recorded from the casino’s closed-circuit security camera feeds.

Publishing a video taken inside private business without the consent of the business is illegal, as is stealing security footage. By releasing the footage without Lucky Chances Casino’s consent, the unknown individual has already broken the law. In addition, the casino says that the videos have been bad for their business because they portray the casino as a dangerous place. With that in mind, the individual could be sued for the loss of revenue resulting from the videos as well as possibly defamation.

At this point, it seems that the casino does not know who they are suing. The uploader of the YouTube videos is identified on the website as only “rick5×5.” It is likely that the court will subpoena YouTube to obtain the name of the poster and the person’s actual name will be put on the lawsuit.

All of this is interesting, but it also brings up another 꽁머니 advantage of playing blackjack online. If you play at an online casino, you don’t have to worry about any violence on the casino floor. It’s true that violence is rare and when it happens, it’s usually the security taking care of a player who needs to be subdued. Even so, you can avoid any possibility by playing at home. You also don’t have to worry about being on videotape and then released on YouTube if you play from home.

Online Blackjack Advantages: Better Rules

There are a number of advantages to playing blackjack at online casinos rather than at brick and mortar casinos. One of those advantages is that online casinos sometimes offer better rules. It seems that standard blackjack rules are no longer standard, and the rules are getting worse in land casinos.

In the past, you could take it for granted that the casino would pay out 3:2 for a blackjack. However, with casinos hurting for cash, many are turning to 6:5 payouts, and that is for multi-hand games. It has gotten to the point where blackjack tables with low limits and 3:2 payouts are becoming hard to find in Las Vegas, Atlantic City and other popular destinations.

It’s not just the blackjack payout, either. Casinos are going away from player friendly rules such as having the dealer stand on a soft 17, allowing surrender and more. While the blackjack rules in brick and mortar casinos are getting worse, those in online casinos are staying the same for the most part.

That is because online casinos have a much lower overhead. They have no large building that they have to pay for. They have a smaller staff. They don’t have to offer drinks, food or any of the other perks of gambling on the Strip. Because they have fewer costs, online casinos can offer better rules for blackjack and still make money. If you find an online casino that doesn’t have good rules, then don’t play there. With thousands of online casinos available with the click of a mouse, there is no excuse for playing a blackjack game with bad rules.




Ladbrokespoker.com Launches £40,000 Last Chance Cruise Package Giveaway

London, 8th December, 2010 – Ladbrokes Poker has today announced that on Sunday 12th December at 8.15pm it is hosting a Last Chance Cruise qualifier where 10 cruise packages, worth £4,000 each, must be won. This is the last chance that Ladbrokes players can qualify for the cruise that sets sail next month.

The World famous Ladbrokes Poker Cruise, returning for its fourth year, is set to be bigger and better than ever before.  Traveling around the Caribbean onboard the World’s largest deluxe cruise liner, the trip promises eight days of sun and a festival of poker that includes a full tournament program, cash games and STTs.

Players have the chance of qualifying for the daily finals throughout this week for as little as £4 with the daily finals running every night this week with a £50 buy in. Alternatively players can buy themselves directly into Sunday’s tournament for £440.For the 10 lucky winners the prize will include:

* An ocean view balcony cabin for winner plus a guest

* Travel allowance of £950

* £500 Main Event 1 Buy In

* Eligibility to participate in the Festival of Poker

* Ladbrokes Poker schedule of hospitality and entertainment over and above the standard programme offered on board

* Meals on board the ship

Amy Trodd, Ladbrokes Poker, Marketing Retention Manager said:

“For many of our customers the Ladbrokes Poker cruise is the highlight of the year, and we want as many of our players as possible to be able to experience it. There is only a handful of packages left so this really is the last chance people have of qualifying for the trip without having to buy a package.”

(Ladbrokes Press Release)

Online poker just got more exciting on Ladbrokes Poker

London, 21st October, 2010 – LadbrokesPoker.com is one of the first sites to launch ‘Anonymous Tables’. This unique and groundbreaking offering allows players to hide their aliases and avatars from the other players on their table. bitcoin roulette This gives Ladbrokes players the opportunity to try some outrageous moves without being recognised and have the luxury of no-one else knowing who made that fishy play!

‘Anonymous Tables’, which is patent pending, will run alongside the standard cash tables and be accessible from the main lobby, giving customers the option to play on the regular tables or try their hand at something different.

Kate McLennan, Head of Poker at Ladbrokes Poker, said, “We are really excited about this launch. Never before have poker players been able to play without other players knowing who they are. This brings an added element to the game for people whose playing style maybe recognisable. For those new to the game, it is an opportunity to try some different moves without getting a reputation because players will simply never know who they are playing against.”

(a) These Rules are to be read subject to the Act and shall apply to every Game of Keno. If there is any inconsistency between the Act and these Rules, the Act will prevail to the extent of any inconsistency.

(b) These Rules shall be binding on all Subscribers and by making an Entry in a Game Slot Gampang Menang of Keno, purchasing a Gift Voucher or accepting a Prepaid Voucher, Subscribers agree to be bound by these Rules.

  1. Object


The object of the Game of Keno, known as Regular Keno, is to select up to 15 numbers (but not inclusive of 11 to 14 numbers), from the set: 1 to 80 and to match (or in some games not to match) those numbers against the 20 winning numbers Drawn in each game. There are other forms of the Game of Keno including Lucky Last, the object of which is to match a selected number against the last number Drawn in each game, Heads or Tails?, the object of which is to forecast the distribution of numbers in each game, Keno Racing, the object of which is to forecast the distribution of numbers across the Rows of the Keno Grid in each game and Keno Roulette, the object of which is to forecast the first number Drawn in each game.

  1. Eligibility for Inclusion in a Game of Keno


In order to be eligible for inclusion in a Game of Keno, a Receipt Ticket, the details of which must be recorded and be resident on magnetic media at the Central Site, must be issued to the Subscriber.

5A. Ineligibility of Certain Persons to Enter a Game of Keno

(a) A Key Employee, an Inspector or an employee of the Licensees must not enter a Game of Keno.

(b) An employee of a Club during such time as that employee is in any way engaged in the operation of a Game of Keno must not enter a Game of Keno.

(c) No person under the age of 18 years shall be permitted to enter a Game of Keno, whether personally, through another person, by mail, by electronic means or otherwise.

(d) No person may make an Entry on behalf of a person under the age of 18 years.

  1. Key Staff


(a) Operating Company

A Supervisor must be present at all times while the game is in progress at the Central Site or at the Premises of a Club where a Draw Device is operative and the Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the game is conducted in accordance with these Rules.

(b) Club

A Senior Writer must be present at the Premises at all times while the game is in progress at those Premises and the Senior Writer is responsible for ensuring that the game is conducted in accordance with these Rules.

6A. Responsibility of Club


(a) Operating Company

A Supervisor must be present at all times while the game is in progress at the Central Site or at the Premises of a Club where a Draw Device is operative and the Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the game is conducted in accordance with these Rules.

(b) A Club that is a Casino Licensee must at all times ensure that Games of Keno conducted on its Premises are conducted in accordance with the Casino Control Act 1992 and regulations made under that Act (as amended) and these Rules.

  1. Entry and Entry Forms


(a) Entry in a Game of Keno may only be made through a Club in accordance with these Rules.

(b) Entry in a Game of Keno, not being a Delayed Start Game, may only be made:

(i) either:

(a) by way of an Entry Form;

(b) by Replay; or

(c) in relation to:

(i) Lucky Last;

(ii) Heads or Tails?;

(iii) Keno Racing;

(iv) Keno Roulette;

(v) Mystery Bet;

(vi) Parlay;

(vii) Quick Pick; or

(viii) Set Bet;

(ix) by Verbal Entry; and

(ii) by payment of the appropriate Subscription.

(c) A Subscriber to a game of Heads or Tails? may only make one selection (ie. “Heads” or “Tails” or “Evens”) per Entry.

(d) A Subscriber to a game of Keno Racing or Keno Roulette may make more than 1 selection per Entry.

(e) Subject to Rule 9A relating to Gift Vouchers, Rule 9B relating to Prepaid Vouchers and Rule 9C relating to Subscription Chips, each Gross Subscription must be paid by a Subscriber to a Club (or to a Keno Runner on behalf of a Club) and the Club will hold the Gross Subscription as agent of the Subscriber until the Entry is completed.

(f) Subject to Rule 9A relating to Gift Vouchers and Rule 9B relating to Prepaid Vouchers, a Subscriber must pay a Commission to the Club in consideration for the Club acting as agent of the Subscriber, and for that purpose authorises the Club to retain from the Gross Subscription received from the Subscriber an amount calculated as:

[Gross Subscription – Keno Prize Fund Contribution] x 44%, by way of Commission, after the Entry is completed.

(g) After a Subscriber has completed an Entry Form, a Replay or a Verbal Entry and the Gross Subscription has been received by the Club, the Club, on behalf of the Licensees, will deliver a Receipt Ticket to the Subscriber. A separate Receipt Ticket will be issued in respect of a Delayed Start Entry. The Entry is completed by the delivery of the Receipt Ticket and the Club is taken to have discharged its duty as agent to the Subscriber by the delivery of the Receipt Ticket in accordance with this Rule.

(h) Subject to Rule 9A relating to Gift Vouchers, Rule 9B relating to Prepaid Vouchers and Rule 9C relating to Subscription Chips, once the Entry is completed the Club will be entitled to apply the Commission to its own account and will hold the Net Subscription as agent for and on behalf of the Licensees.

(i) All marks appearing on an Entry Form shall be taken to have been made exclusively by the Subscriber and it is the responsibility of the Subscriber to ensure that the particulars recorded on a Receipt Ticket are identical to either those on the Entry Form submitted, or the Verbal Entry made, by the Subscriber.

(j) Replay will be permitted only on the Keno Day on which the submitted Receipt Ticket was issued or on the following Keno Day.

(k) If the particulars recorded on a Receipt Ticket are inconsistent with the particulars resident on magnetic media at the Central Site, the latter shall prevail to the exclusion of the former and shall determine what prize, if any, a Subscriber is entitled to claim.

(l) Except in relation to a Delayed Start Game, an Entry will be for the game which is open at the time the Receipt Ticket for that Entry is issued. A Delayed Start Entry will be for the next Delayed Start Game.

(m) Instructions printed on an Entry Form are to be read and construed as part of these Rules except that, in the event of any inconsistency, the latter shall prevail to the exclusion of the former.

(n) An Entry Form shall be returned to the Subscriber on request.

(o) Where a Subscriber enters a Game of Keno as the trustee, representative or nominee of another person, the Licensees, the Club and every other person shall be taken not to have knowledge or to be on notice, whether actual or constructive, of any such arrangement and the transaction will be taken to have been conducted solely with the Subscriber.

(p) Upon presentation of a Receipt Ticket a Subscriber may on the Keno Day on which that Receipt Ticket was issued but after the payment of any prize won by the Entry of which that Receipt Ticket is evidence request a Print Pay Ticket. A Subscriber shall be taken to have requested in accordance with this Rule a Print Pay Ticket in respect of each Entry effected by a Keno Runner on that Subscriber’s behalf.

(q) No person may promote or take part in the formation of a syndicate for fee or reward for the purpose of making an Entry in a Game of Keno, except a Club as authorized by the Operating Company.

(r) No person may advertise by any means that he or she or some other person will accept money for a share in an Entry in a Game of Keno, except as provided by Rule 7(q).



The Las


Nevada was plagued by teamster financing, hidden ownership, employment of individuals of questionable character and background, and the clear links to organized crime. In this context, organized crime doesn’t just mean Mafia. Nevada improved its regulation only under the threat of federal intervention. The federal government believed, with good reason, that Nevada casinos were fueling organized crime throughout the country.

Because of this history, the concern about organized crime usually is raised whenever

legalizing gambling is discussed. Even when New Hampshire began its state lottery in 1964,there was concern that organized crime would take over.

Much has changed since the days when Bugsy Siegel started the first modern casino in Las Vegas. Organized crime has become part of the mystique of gambling but it is without significant influence today. Las Vegas and the Flamingo are part of an historical association with organized crime.

Introduction To Gambling And Crime –

Las Vegas And The Organized Crime

Gambling is often associated with crime. The relationship is easy to understand. Many types of gambling have been, indeed still are, illegal. Hence, by definition, criminals were the only operators of games. When gambling restrictions were relaxed, criminals were the first to open up legal gambling establishments.

A lax regulatory framework in Nevada did not prevent members of organized crime from openly owning and operating casinos. To some degree, Nevada needed the criminals to make gambling viable because no one else had their expertise and experience.

Nevada was plagued by teamster financing, hidden ownership, employment of individuals of questionable character and background, and the clear links to organized crime.

In this context, organized crime doesn’t just mean Mafia.

Nevada improved its regulation only under the threat of federal intervention. The federal government believed, with good reason, that Nevada casinos were fueling organized crime throughout the country.

Because of this history, the concern about organized สล็อต 168bet crime usually is raised whenever  legalizing gambling is discussed. Even when New Hampshire began its state lottery in 1964,there was concern that organized crime would take over.

Much has changed since the days when Bugsy Siegel started the first modern casino in Las Vegas. Organized crime has become part of the mystique of gambling but it is without significant influence today. Las Vegas and the Flamingo are part of an historical association with organized crime.

Safety In Modern Casinos –

The High Standard Of Casino Safety

Casino gaming has become one of the most highly regulated industries in America. The companies and individuals involved are very carefully scrutinized and held to extremely high standards. The organized crime scare is simply that, a scare according to many observers. Gambling is indeed associated with crime, specifically political corruption.

The casino companies suggest that they are devoid of organized crime influence because they are:

Dominated by publicly-held companies, many with household names like Hilton and Sheraton.

Answerable to their shareholders who are thousands of individuals and institutional investors.

Answerable to the Securities Exchange Commission.

Indistinguishable from any other business with accountants, attorneys, payroll specialists, auditors, and market researchers.

Licensed and tightly-regulated by state governments.

Nevertheless, there remains an ever present concern about organized crime. The sheer volume of money, cash in particular, that is generated by gambling, makes it a tempting target. Organized crime has been successful infiltrating ancillary businesses such as machine maintenance or those that provide other services. Often labor unions are used as the vehicle to carry out the infiltration. There are examples of organized crime infiltration. For example, as discussed in the section on gambling and politics, the FBI is investigating allegations that Louisiana state legislators took multimillion dollar payoffs to approve an expansion of video poker. The individuals attempting to buy influence were connected to organized crime families.

Researchers state that organized crime is more of a product of illegal or poorly regulated gambling than well-regulated gambling. That is especially worrisome because gambling isn’t just done within the large casinos. There are many other gambling opportunities and not all are as well-regulated or as free of organized crime influence as casinos. In California, card rooms and Indian casinos have been a focus of concern about criminal infiltration.

As Safe As Without Casinos

In September 1998, 24 sheriffs and chiefs of police from gaming jurisdictions nationwide submitted to the National Gambling Impact Study Commission Crime and Gaming:  Statement of Findings, which reported no connection between gaming and crime in their jurisdictions. Testimony before the commission by other law enforcement and public officials from gaming communities across the country told a similar story and, in fact, pointed to a decrease in crime in their communities.