Las Vegas, a town that is almost always buzzing with activity, goes into an over drive frenzy five times per year:


  1. The Super Bowl;
  2. The Breeder’s Cup;
  3. The Kentucky Derby;
  4. When there is a major fight taking place in town;
  5. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament.


Now, I’ve been there for all the events—some more than once—and I can make the following statement:

During the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, Las Vegas, Nevada is at it’s most frenzied and alive period of the entire year. Think about what the gambler is getting with this event:


  1. Dozens of games to bet on over a three-week period. Sometimes you are actually dealing with sixteen games being played on a weekday!
  2. An extensive array of teams from all over the country. No matter where you come from, you’re bound to have a rooting interest in some of the teams.
  3. Pure action, as every game is a must-win situation, creating a do or die atmosphere with each contest.
  4. A tournament that responds to many time-tested UFABET handicapping systems, making it relatively easy to show a profit.


Okay, enough about the games; let’s get right to the meat and potatoes, The Super NCAA Tournament System—a very simple yet extremely profitable betting system that shows you the way to pointspread winners in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.


The System:

Bet on any team in the NCAA tournament that meets the following two criteria:


  1. They did not cover the pointspread in their last tournament (current season only) game. Obviously they won this game or they would not still be in the tournament.
  2. Only bet on this team if they are going against a team that did cover the pointspread in their last tournament (current season only) game. And once again, obviously this team also won this game or they would not still be in the tournament.


Note that there are no plays with this system in the first round of the tournament, as you still need to find out which teams are going to cover and not cover.


The Rationale:

The reason this system works is that the NCAA tournament, unlike the regular season, draws an enormous number of relatively unsophisticated gamblers who come out of the woodwork just to bet on the games. These novices will over react to what happened in recent games. They will remember losing a recent bet on a certain team and carry forward negative feelings towards that team. The opposite of this takes place with a team that won for them. So, what we have here is a two-way effect that gives an over-stated line in the direction of the teams that we are betting against.


That is all there is to it! The system should give you between eight and ten bets each tournament. The previous pointspread results of the system are astounding! In the past 33 years (through 2001) it has a pointspread won-lost record of 184 wins and only 102 losses! So go on and give it a whirl!


Some Baseball Predictions for 2021


The California Angels to win the A.L.

The New York Mets to win the N.L.

Sammy Sosa to win both the RBI and Home Run Crowns in the N.L.

Manny Ramirez to do the same in A.L.



Recently I had a discussion with someone who says in no way will one be a winner in the long run and how his computer simulation model has proven it. Well many of us know the Law of Large numbers, Random Walk, etc., and how the vig ties into that. However, based on observations, I don’t believe laws of Large numbers are something that can be measured in a few visits or over a 1-2 hours of play. And Kanzen’s Roulette Strategy website certainly brings up some points to illustrate this. However, we must know that they exist if we know what’s good for us. But just as this law exists, so does the “cluster principle.” We must know that we’ll hit lucky streaks, unlucky streaks and choppiness over perhaps as little as just one hour of play. We must be prepared for these events.

After reading a few books, taking notes to my own mistakes, I  compiled some rules that I had to obey if I had any chance of consistently taking home (small) profits in roulette. And it was not until I started obeying these rules that my game really started to improve. Here is what I came up with. I have grouped them together and call it “THE NATURAL TENDENCY PARADOX:”

Play even money and/or 1:2 bets (No large bets without Green hedges) on a Single Zero wheel if possible

Never increase when you lose (Please!!!).

Don’t panic when losing – this leads to compulsive betting. You must be patient. Due to natural laws, one or 2 trends will begin to take shape shortly – No pressing until it does. (Rule number 5 will protect you if it doesn’t.)

You MUST PRESS WHEN YOU WIN!!! This is your only chance! Unfortunately, its probably the toughest to do.

Don’t get caught into continuum. Take several 10-15 minute breaks but never break when you’re winning. Set loss limits and win limits. Leave when its time.

Now I have strictly adhered to rules 1-3. I am still struggling with 4 and 5.

Based on these rules, I would venture that most don’t think very much of what I am about to say because they just want to win. Ever hear of “I wouldn’t have that job for all the money in the world”? That’s what I’ve discovered gambling to be. It is hard!!! Why? Because sticking to the rules above goes against one’s natural tendencies. Gambling to win is not fun!!! People think, “Oh gee, there must be a system out there.” But they don’t think of that gut-wrenching, energy-draining process that it takes to win just a few dollars.

Now I’m not an expert. I’m not even an amateur. But the rules that I mention above are rules that I would guess 95% of the people will never ever be able to abide by, myself included sometimes. They compulsively press out of desperation when losing (I did this early), are too scared to press when winning (I still do this at times but I’m getting much better, especially when I’ve seen that it really works!) and wind up in that play continuum that just inevitably exposes them to the “NATURAL TENDENCY PARADOX”  all over again. And for the players that are good at pressing when winning, most of them have another problem – GREED!!! But remember, all this is natural. And that to me is what encompasses the House edge – not the mathematics!!!

My conclusions have been based on 3 things:

Self-observations concerning inevitable trend-development

My own self-evaluation of what I have done wrong during play

Information gathered from different books, particularly a book called “Gamble to Win” (R. D. Ellison).

In “Gamble to Win” R. D. points out that Gambling is hard work. When I first read that, it was at a time when I thought gambling was fun and that it wasn’t hard at all. But then the losses 온라인바둑이 came. So it has only taken me a couple of years to find this to be true and that everything he says in his book is for the most part accurate.

By obeying my rules, rules which are mostly found in many books about gambling, I have seen some consistency with wins. But it is hard work. Finally if you are able to see long-term results, then start focusing on the low profile rule – don’t brag about your wins if you know what’s good for you.

Mark A Srebnick (e-mail: is a System Admin/Programmer at the Florida Atlantic University. He usually gambles on weekends and his favorite game is roulette. He acknowledges that much of the credit for his findings is due to R. D. Ellison’s book “Gamble to Win” and his professional advice.





Internet gamblers are quick to question the fairness of Web-based casino games when they encounter technical glitches that make the games stall or fail, industry observers say. In fact, the industry will have trouble appealing to the mainstream public until such problems are resolved, observers agree.


“The biggest question about these sites from a player’s point-of-view is: Does the game offer the player a fighting chance to win?” said Tam Lee, an Internet gambling expert who reviews e-casinos for


Lee said a player’s suspicion of a rigged game arises when an online blackjack player is dealt a pair of cards totaling 11, and increases his or her bet, anticipating that the next card dealt will be a 10 or a face card. And then a technical glitch locks up the game. “It scares you when the game stalls at that point, and then you wind up with a two,” Lee said. “It’s not likely (the game’s operators) are changing the cards, but it raises questions to the players.”


The Internet gambling industry is expected to grow from Pragmatic Play revenues of about $1.5 billion in 2000 to $6 billion by 2003, according to the New York investment banking firm Bear, Stearns & Co. More than 800 Internet gambling sites exist, most of which are developed by about a dozen software companies, according to Tony Cabot, an Internet gambling lawyer for the Las Vegas-based law firm of Lionel Sawyer & Collins, said four software makers have a strong hold on the market: Starnet of Vancouver, Canada; Microgaming of South Africa; CryptoLogic of Toronto; and Boss Media of Sweden.


Games developed by the software industry leaders typically promise a smaller chance of winning than their smaller competitors, but are likely fairer than games provided by the smaller operators, Lee said. “CryptoLogic offers about a 98 percent return on video poker and blackjack, but of course, the rules are such that the casino’s odds may be a bit higher due to player mistakes,” Lee said. “If you want better odds than what the major software-makers offer, you have to venture a bit off the beaten path, but if you do that you risk security.”

Most software-makers charge an Internet casino between $10,000 and $250,000 to develop a Web-based casino, with software companies receiving as much as 30 percent of the gaming win generated by the site, Lee said.


Canadian and U.S. laws prohibit most forms of Internet gambling from within their borders, so most Internet casinos are based on offshore islands, where regulations tend to be lax or non-existent. Some industry observers say if Internet gambling were allowed in extensively regulated environments, such as Nevada or New Jersey, the largest U.S. casino operators would have a major edge in seizing control of online gambling. “If Harrah’s Entertainment or Trump or (Park Place Entertainment) go online, they will become the 800-pound gorilla,” Lee said.


Harrah’s offers casino-style games for prizes on its site, developed by software-maker Chartwell Technology of Calgary, Canada. Harrah’s also has a strategic alliance with, aimed at channeling Web traffic to each other’s site. Analysts say games-for-prizes Web sites are one step from being converted to games-for-cash sites, if and when U.S. gaming regulators permit the practice. A federal proposal to ban the practice is expected to once again be introduced in the House and Senate, where prior proposals have languished.


In Nevada, Assemblywoman Merle Berman, R-Las Vegas, plans to introduce a bill during the state’s current legislative session that would legalize Internet gambling within Nevada’s borders. New Jersey legislators are debating a similar proposal to allow companies with Atlantic City gaming licenses to operate Internet casinos.


Berman did not return a Thursday phone message left at her legislative office. Nevada Gaming Commission chairman Brian Sandoval said he has viewed a draft of her bill. “It’s a broad-based bill that leaves the policy decision of legalizing Internet gambling to the Legislature, and the security issues to the Gaming Commission and the (Gaming Control) Board,” he said. Sandoval noted that Nevada regulators need to be convinced that lnternet casinos seeking to operate in the Silver State can prevent gambling by minors and people living in jurisdictions where e-gaming is not permitted.


But some industry observers doubt a continued prohibition of Internet gamblers in the United States will slow growth of the industry. “Starnet has jurisdictional blocking software, which doesn’t accept Internet gamblers in Canada, but the vast majority of the software makers don’t care (about regional prohibitions),” Lee said. “I don’t think that’s going to change.”

Omni Casino is home to all of Jackpot Mania’s progressive jackpot games, and this week the Rags to Riches jackpot has passed $120,000 and is growing quickly. Spice Island Poker isn’t far behind at $110,000, so try you luck at both games. You’ve also got a choice of download or no-download Java games at Omni Casino.

Sign up as a new player at Omni and you’ll get $20 free on your first deposit of $20 or more. You can also get an additional $50 when you make a separate deposit of $150 or more. Last but not least, there’s a 10% bonus when you deposit with bank wire, certified check, or Western Union. Omni also hosts high-roller tournaments every few months, which are a great chance to pick up some serious cash.

Big Cash-backs from Stanley Acropolis

Stanley Acropolis is rewarding its high rollers with a special bonus on its Platinum Points loyalty program. Players wagering over $80,000 have been getting a .2% and .3% cash-back on wagers up ’til now, but that amount is going up.

The casino is now offering ever more money – if you’re willing to spend the big bucks. Wager over $160,000 during the month of May and you’ll get a .4% cash-back. So what all of that means is, if you wager between $2500 and $79,999 you’ll get .2% back. Bet anywhere from $80,000 to $159,999 and you’ll get .3% cash-back. Drop $160,000 or more and you’ll get .4%. It’s a nice perk for the high rollers in the crowd.

$75 Free from Spin Palace

Download the Spin Palace casino and you’ll get a 50% match bonus on any deposit up to $150, which works out to $75 in free money. There’s also a Flash casino option if you don’t feel like downloading and $50 random prizes for real-money players.

Jackpot Madness’ progressive games are just one more great feature at Spin Palace. The Triple Sevens Progressive Blackjack jackpot is through $60,000 this week, and Spin Palace will add an additional $1,000 bonus on top of any of progressive jackpot game win. Spin Palace accepts PayPal, FirePay, Visa, and MasterCard.

World Gaming Sued by Former Licensee

Casino software manufacturer World Gaming is being sued for $1.84 million by COA World Entertainment Ltd., the company that operates CasinoOnAir. COA is claiming that World Gaming’s software (which it isn’t using any longer) was faulty and that World Gaming didn’t provide adequate customer support, all of which caused COA to lose money and customers – hence the lawsuit. Not surprisingly, World Gaming says the suit is without merit and won’t talk about it.

100% Match Bonus at 777 Dragon

777 Dragon will give you $10 free just for downloading the casino and another a 100% match bonus up to $50 on your first purchase. There’s also a $20 refer-a-friend program if you’d like to share the 777 Dragon experience with someone.

777 Dragon has 31 of your favorite Thaibet games to choose from, including CyberStud Progressive Poker and Treasure Nile. The progressive jackpots for those games are at $63,000 and $40,000, respectively. Payouts are reviewed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, and the casino accepts Visa, MasterCard, FirePay, PayPal, and Western Union.


The following list indicates which software brand offers the best rules for the most popular games. Brands of software considered are Boss Media, Cryptologic, Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, World Gaming (Starnet), and Unified Gaming.

The criterion for judging is the lowest house edge among all bets. For example, when judging baccarat I only considered the banker bet, which is the best bet on the table. In the event of a tie on the best bet, as was the case in craps, the second best bet was used to break the tie.

Sometimes operators are allowed to set their own rules to some games. For purposes of this article, I used what I found to be the most common, or default rules. All house edge figures used are based on basic or optimal strategy.

Baccarat: Boss Media, Microgaming, World Gaming (tie)

All of these brands offer single-deck baccarat, with a house edge on the banker bet of 1.0117%. Note that the house edge is higher on the player and tie bets on the single-deck game as opposed to a shoe.

Blackjack: Unified Gaming

Unified Gaming has a single deck Togel game, the dealer stands on a soft 17, the player can double on any two cards, double after splitting is allowed, full no-peek, and resplitting is allowed. The player edge is 0.16%.

Caribbean Stud Poker: Microgaming

Microgaming offers a more generous pay table than the usual one, lowering the house edge from 5.22% to 5.01%.

Casino War: World Gaming

In the event of a tie after going to war, World Gaming pays 3:1 on the total amount bet, cutting the house edge to a mere 0.66%.

Craps: Boss Media

Boss Media allows 3X odds, always based on the amount bet. Their closest competition allows 2X odds. Although Unified Gaming only allows 2X odds the player may lay odds relative to the amount the player can win, unlike Boss Media.

Coincidentally, this makes the combined house edge on the Don’t Pass side equal between Boss Media and Unified Gaming. However, the 3X odds make the combined house edge on the Pass side lower in the Boss Media game.

Deuces Wild: Unified Gaming

The Unified Gaming pay table returns 98.91%. Note that Casino Merlin (Real Time Gaming) has full pay deuces wild (return of 100.77%), but this is an exception to the usual Real Time Gaming pay table.

Jacks or Better: Microgaming, Real Time Gaming, Playtech (tie)

All offer full pay on jacks or better with a return of 99.54%.

Joker Poker: Real Time Gaming

The Real Time Gaming pay table returns 100.18%. Note that this game involves a sequel royal jackpot.

Keno: Microgaming

The best return on keno is Microgaming’s pick 13, with a return of 96.54%.

Let it Ride: World Gaming, Cryptologic, and Real Time Gaming (tie)

All three of these brands follow the usual rules.

Pai Gow Poker: Unified Gaming

Only Unified Gaming allows player banking (every other turn).

Red Dog: Cryptologic

The greater the number of decks, the better the odds are for the player. Cryptologic uses 8 decks for a house edge of 2.75%.

Roulette: Cryptologic

Cryptologic follows the Atlantic City rule of giving half back on even money bets if the ball lands in zero. This is slightly better than a single zero wheel, which can be found with Microgaming, Playtech, and Real Time Gaming, but only on the even money bets. If you must play anything other than red, black, odd, even, 1-18, and 19-36 then you should opt for a single zero wheel.

Sic Bo: Microgaming

Microgaming offers slightly better odds on some of the sucker bets. The best bet is still on the high and low, which pays even money.

Three Card Poker: Real Time Gaming

Real Time Gaming is the only brand of online casino software that I know of to offer Three Card Poker. They call it Tri-Card Poker and have stingier pay tables than the normal games. Their house edge on the ante & play bet is 3.83% and on the pairplus bet is 3.49%.

It’s the ultimate spirit of Freedom of Speech. With “handles” like Spearmaster, Hitmob, Zrapture and Prosperity thousands of online gamblers communicate daily on the phenomenon we call the internet, making this uniquely fast network a major resource for experienced and “newbie” players alike.

About to have a crack at online gambling for the first time but not sure where to go? A few visits to a good message board will soon tell you who are the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Or perhaps you feel you’ve been ripped off and want to warn others and have a good rant. These are the places where you can do it fast and effectively, reaching enormous interested audiences.

It is estimated that for every active message board poster there are as many as ten “lurkers” – bystanders who prefer to remain passively on the fringes and “listen”. And indeed that is exactly what a newcomer to this fascinating world should do before posting – lurk.

To do otherwise is to invite disaster. If you haven’t studied the different personalities and topics being discussed before you jump in with an opinion you can make a fool of yourself. You might find yourself at the unhappy center of an unequal debate or worse still receive an unmerciful flaming – a literal roasting from opponents who will not mince their words.

A cardinal sin is to “spam” message boards, which is the online equivalent of thrusting yourself into a private conversation and yelling a sales message at everyone around you before darting away. Do that and you will almost certainly get more flak than clients.

Another great way to win friends and influence message board people is to pretend you are a satisfied player and extol the fictitious virtues of your operation. That adds dishonesty to your boorishness and really does put you beyond the pale.

Despite these fundamental and unwritten rules, the spammers keep on coming, motivated by referral rewards from their employers. With enticing names like Honey, Ginger and Satisfied you’ll see them relentlessly strafing the boards with tirelessly gushing and patently false claims. Very few of these folks are rocket scientists and it shows in the lack of subtlety in their labors. Capitals and exclamation points – the internet version of shouting – abound in their postings and you will always find a url to speed you to their vision of gambler’s paradise.

Some Boards try to stop these unwanted intrusions by providing spammers with a section where they can extol the virtues of their casinos, agencies or information sites. If the members are interested in the bonuses and other blandishments on offer they will visit that section and read Satisfied, Ginger or Honey’s canned meat.

But that is the downside. Message boards are more generally friendly places once you have announced yourself and start participating. They are a bottomless well of experience and information because they represent the pooled knowledge of a diverse group of people with a shared passion – online gambling.

Here you will find whizz kids and senior citizens; salesmen and professors; casino operators and players – men and women exchanging mirth, views and information on everything to do with wagering that you can imagine. Someone asks “Do you know anything about XYZ casino”, and the responses fly. “Don’t touch ’em” or “These guys are straight and pay fast”

Note that last phrase, operators – it is probably the player’s most important criteria in judging you – are you fair and do you pay your Togel Hongkong winners and pay ’em fast?


Message Boards are both a powerful referral base and a forum. Genuine operators, consultants, information sites and even gambling software makers are welcome to debate issues and present wider perspectives. They can build bridges and discover pure gold in the opinions and needs of the people who make it all happen. The players.

Yet you would be astonished at how many are blind to this outstanding resource. And they are paying a price for a lack of awareness which goes beyond ignorance.

In recent months controversy raged across many Boards on the internet over a dishonest casino and its software supplier. It was a golden opportunity for both organisations to put across their side of the story and find common ground with thousands of players, and yet they inexplicably let it slip through their fingers. Sadly, they suffered serious injury to their reputations which will not easily be retrieved.

I advise my clients never to underestimate the value of internet forums as both a true sounding board and an honest channel of communication.

But there’s an obligation on you, whether you are a player or anyone else.

Don’t abuse the hospitality of the Board and always be prepared to hear out the other person.




Craven Cottage, London

After a month’s rain in 48 hours, the heavens have mercifully held off before Nigeria grapple with Scotland in their World Cup warm-up match here in London.

Stephen Keshi will be looking to audition several potential members of his final squad in the first of three friendlies before they tackle Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran in Brazil, while Gordon Strachan is planning his assault on Euro 2016 and Scotland’s first qualifier, a tall test away to Germany this autumn.

A contrast in styles should be useful preparation for Nigeria’s Brazilian adventure, while Scotland manager Strachan is also hoping to benefit from the 90 minutes, explaining, “A good team is a good team.”

The supporters have wended their way along the river Thames through the tranquility of the historic Bishops Park.

Outside on the Hammersmith  pkv games online Road, the hum of Nigerian drums and the roar of their trumpets mixed with the bagpipes and good-natured singing of the Tartan Army. We are all set for a fascinating friendly.

Nigeria: Ejide, Yobo, Echiejile, Obi, Egwuekwe, Odunlami, Uzoenyi, Ameobi, Uchebo, Gabriel, Babatunde.

Scotland: McGregor, Hutton, Robertson, Greer, Hanley, Morrison, Mulgrew, Brown, Naismith, Maloney, Anya.

Falcao & Suarez risk World Cup KO

Will the first World Cup in South America since 1978 be missing South America’s top marksmen?

News that Luis Suarez has had emergency meniscus surgery was shocking, given that the recovery time is between three and ten weeks. Images of the Uruguayan star being carried out of hospital in a wheelchair so close to the World Cup was painful viewing for soccer fans worldwide.

While Suarez and the Uruguayan F.A. are insisting he will be ready to play in Brazil, the fear is that even if he does, he will not be the almost unstoppable goalscorer he has been in the Premier League this season.

Even England, Italy and Costa Rica, who have been agonising about how to stop Suarez in the first round in Group D, will feel his absence would diminish the competition.

If it is the World Cup, we want to see the world’s hottest players there, and no striker is hotter right now than Suarez, whose 31 league goals for Liverpool bagged him both the PFA and Football Writers’ Player of the Season award.


Colombia’s El Tigre Radamel Falcao also risks missing the big show, having been out of action since January after tearing knee ligaments playing for Monaco in a French cup tie. Last summer Falcao was Europe’s most sought after striker and with nine goals in 13 qualifiers, he bears his World Cup hopes on his shoulders.

Falcao posted an Instagram of himself on the 13th of May, boasting of running 9.4km and swimming 1.5km as he battles to make the 2nd of June deadline for Jose Pekerman’s 23-man squad.

Los Cafeteros were given a send-off in Bogota on Friday night in front of 30,000 fans at El Campin stadium. Next they fly to Buenos Aires, where they take on Senegal on the 31st of May and Jordan on the 6th of June in friendly action before going to their base in Cotia on the outskirts of Sao Paolo. Falcao, for now, remains in Spain continuing to recuperate.

For the sake of the tournament, let us hope they both win their races against time.



If there’s anything better than having a casino near your home, I’d imagine a nice casino, in a sunny beach resort, with the excitement of gambling at your doorstep, and a pina colada or mai tai in your hand as you stroll on the beach. The Sands of the Caribbean, one of the oldest casinos on the Net, tries to recreate this exact scenario.

The Sands is a Cryptologic casino – the first one reviewed on Got2Bet – and surely, based purely on longevity, a very popular and prominent casino. Its recently upgraded software, version 4.0, gave this grand old dame of online gambling a newer, more sophisticated look and increased enjoyment for players.

So it was my turn to take a look at the Sands – as well as review the latest version of Cryptologic software. In doing so, I also enlisted the help of a friend who, while expert at gambling and video poker, had never played at a real online casino before.

The first thing one notices is high-quality graphic designs – certainly distinguishing them from many of the smaller providers out there, and easily on a level with casinos manufactured by Boss Media or Microgaming. On top of that, they have a wide selection of games, more than any manufacturer except Microgaming. And their recent addition of a number of progressive slots, video poker, and caribbean stud games truly brings the same excitement one can find at a land-based casino.

Those of you who are experienced Judi Bola casino gamblers may note some slight differences in the games here – for example, the spinning of the slot reels does not feel the same as in real casinos, and you may find a few extra clicks of the mouse where a simple push of a button or two would have achieved the same result at a game like video poker.

But that does not detract from the entertainment value and very real chance of winning a jackpot or two. I don’t doubt for a minute that a big winner would be every bit as excited as someone who hit a jackpot in Vegas – and sometimes the pots are even higher online.

Banking is handled by Cryptologic’s in-house subsidiary, whose e-cash security and reliability are well-known through other industries as well as the online gambling industry. You will require a PIN number in order to cash out, however, and that will take around a week if you live in North America.

The Sands, in its long history, has had few, if any, complaints that I have come across – and its ties to the WWTS sportsbook and Casino Games undoubtedly help to enhance the honesty and reliability of the people behind this well-established operation. Unlike other casinos where I would do a lot of research before making a deposit, at the Sands you have absolutely zero to worry about.

So go make that pina colada, grab a few snacks, and settle down in front of the computer – you’re going to enjoy this casino, and you might as well make the experience as realistic as possible!






NEWTON, Mass. — The most definitive resource ever published on the global gaming market is now available through Casino City Press.


The 2nd Annual Review of the Global Betting and Gaming Marketing, Global Gambling Comes of Age, provides an up-to-date guide to the global betting and gaming market for both land-based and interactive gambling utilizing in-depth research from a leading international betting and gaming consultancy.


According to David Harding, chief executive of William Hill, “The 2nd Global Gambling Report identifies some of the tremendous opportunities that exist around the globe, and in an industry where accurate global data is hard to come by, identifies and quantifies the majority of the major trends and issues.”


Global Gambling Comes of Age includes detailed analysis on 259 jurisdictions and 4 federal areas across six global regions, making it the most comprehensive and up-to-date review of the industry ever produced. Information provided by jurisdiction includes market reviews, key developments and legislation, revenue summaries, economic indicators, leading corporate players and projections.


Other customers who have purchased the report say:


“This is the most definitive research ever undertaken into the global gambling market. We make constant reference to it.” — IQ Ludorum


“We found it to be an excellent resource for our gaming market research. The report greatly exceeded our expectations as a first time user of a GBGC publication.” — Crowe, Chizek and Company LLP


Global Gambling Comes of Age is authored by Global Keluaran SgpBetting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC), a U.K.-based consultancy providing tailored gaming, betting and consulting solutions to corporate and government clients. GBGC has been at the forefront in helping operators, governments and governing bodies establish themselves toward a regulated gaming environment that protects profits, taxation and individuals.

“Just what you were looking for – a Web site devoted to keeping the online gambler informed.” – Mark Balestra, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Gambling


Best of the Web”…you’d think they invented Internet gambling from the look of their site. If you’re looking for honest, intelligent online gambling site reviews (not an easy thing to find out there on the Web), this is a great place to go. It’s also a great place for online gaming news, the skinny on where to get the best bonuses, odds and jackpots, and for free casino games, message boards and a general overview of the Net’s reputable online casinos.” – John Hansen, Casino Player Magazine


“A lot of sites claim to be guides, but this one actually is…. A great resource.” –


“The best place for me to read up on my industry and to hear from my consumers on the message boards.” – Jake Soroka, Inphinity Interactive, Business In Vancouver Magazine


“Winner Online offers excellent editorial content targeted more exclusively to the online player: online gaming news, gambling sites reviews, interviews with Internet gaming hotshots, etc. I highly recommend Winner Online’s original articles…. exceptional content.” – Henrik Nilsson,


“Unbelievable site for information… I’ve never encountered such a volume of information in such an organized manner.” – C Keeling, CEO, Fraser Downs


“WINNERonline’s top-notch editorial content is the primary drawing card, but it’s fully backed by extensive resource pages for the various casino games, busy message boards, top bonus listings, a huge casino directory, 15 free-play casino games, extensive FAQ guides, in-depth insider interviews, tournaments and more.” – Gambling Online Magazine


“WINNERonline… has quickly made a sizeable impact on the Internet gambling scene.” – Mark Balestra, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Online Gambling


“WinnerOnline doesn’t simply link to existing news articles as other sites do. Members of the WinnerOnline staff write most of the news items here… this site is chock full of valuable gaming information.” – John Hansen, Casino Player Magazine


“I read all of the articles. Reading the reviews of other casinos helps us re-invent the way we do business and better serve our customers.” – A Fletcher, Vegas USA






Leicester City are clear at the top of the Premiership and beginning to dream of an improbable title. The favorites remain Manchester City in second place who The Foxes face at the Etihad in the big game this weekend with Spurs and Arsenal also still in the race.


In the chasing pack, Manchester United, who are now fifth, take on Guus Hiddink’s Chelsea in a Sunday game at Stamford Bridge, in a match they must win to have any chance of reigniting any fading hopes of challenging for the title themselves for which they are now placed at 33/1 with the bookies.


Saturday, 6 February 2016


Man City 3 v Leicester 1

Aston Villa 1 v Norwich 0

Liverpool 2 v Sunderland 1

Newcastle 1 v West Brom 1

Stoke 1 v Everton 2

Swansea 2 v Crystal Palace 0

Tottenham 2 v Watford 1

Soton 2 v West Ham 0


Sunday, 7 February 2016


Bournemouth 1 v Arsenal 2

Chelsea 2 v Man Utd 0


Leicester 28/1 To Claim Scalps Of Man City & Arsenal


Leicester City remain at the top of the Premier Situs Qq Online Terpercaya League after dispatching Liverpool with the minimum of fuss and bet365 are 28/1 about the Foxes winning their next two games – away at title rivals Manchester City and Arsenal.


Claudio Ranieri’s over-achievers are now into 9/2 to claim the Premier League crown and Jamie Vardy, who bagged a brace in front of Roy Hodgson, is 6/4 to start the Euro 2016 opener against Russia and 11/2 to finish as top scorer for his country.


Danny Drinkwater, who has been outstanding this season for the Foxes, is 4/1 to make the England squad in France this summer.


Tottenham haven’t finished above Arsenal since 1995 but Spurs are now in front of their North London rivals on goal difference and Pochettino’s charges are 6/4 to end the campaign with bragging rights.


Combined Leicester City Points v Man City (06/02) & Arsenal (14/02)


0: 13/8 1: 5/2 2: 16/1 3: 3/1

4: 9/1 6: 28/1

2015/16 Premier League – Leicester City Finishing Position


1st 9/2 2nd 7/2 3rd 3/1 4th 10/3

5th+ 7/2

2015/16 Premier League Outright E/W ¼ 1,2 Man City 6/5 Arsenal 3/1

Leicester 9/2 Tottenham 11/2

Man Utd 33/1

2015/16 Premier League Match Bet Arsenal 1/2 Tottenham 6/4


Soccer – Hazard handled with care


Head coach Guus Hiddink says he will remain cautious about the usage of fit-again Chelsea forward Eden Hazard. The Belgium international came on as a second-half substitute in the goalless draw at Watford on Wednesday evening, having lasted 64 minutes of the 5-1 weekend FA Cup victory at MK Dons. And Hiddink has vowed not to rush Hazard into playing too big a part for his side, with the talented winger having endured a number of injury problems this season. Speaking after the Premier League stalemate with the Hornets at Vicarage Road, Hiddink told his club’s official website: “He is coming back from a difficult time with two injuries and we are being careful with him, as we have a lot of games coming up now. “I am happy with the way he played when he came on. The judgement is when to bring him on. “For himself it is good to go step-by-step and we have a lot of games coming up when we need all the players.” The Blues are back in action on Sunday when they bet365 welcome Manchester United to Stamford Bridge, with the Blues 21/20 with bet365 to secure a victory.


Soccer – Martinez suffers injury losses


Everton are almost certain to be without both Romelu Lukaku and John Stones for the Premier League trip to Stoke City on Saturday. Leading scorer Lukaku had to be replaced at half-time of the 3-0 victory over Newcastle United at Goodison Park on Wednesday evening, having taken a knock to his back. Meanwhile, central defender Stones was forced to miss the game due to a hamstring problem and both he and Lukaku are highly unlikely to be ready to face the Potters at the Britannia Stadium. Toffees boss Roberto Martinez said after a much-needed victory: “Lukaku couldn’t walk. He had a knee in his back. We are playing on Saturday and it will be difficult to see him make it, but it is not a major problem. “Stones had a bit of a niggle in his hamstring. I think it was a fatigue reaction. I expect him to be back in the next week or ten days.” A draw in the meeting of Stoke and Everton on Saturday is priced at 11/5 by bet365.