Unfortunately, two of Titan w.w88 qualifiers were eliminated from the action at the Irish Winter Festival Main Event early in the day.

Just before the first break of the day and after two hours of play, German player Lars Bollhagen, known at the tables of Titan Poker by his “2sick2poka” nickname, was really unlucky and was kicked out of the tournament prematurely.

First, he lost 7K of his stack on an unlucky hand.

A player opened preflop. Lars called with 9♥ 10♥ and a third player also paid.

Flop: 8♦ 7♠ Q♥

The initial raiser made a bet. Lars and the third player paid.

The J♦ fell on the turn and Lars hit the straight. The first player bet again and Lars decided to 3-bet. The third player involved in the hand called and the original raiser gave up at that point.

On the river, the K♦ the player made a small bet that Lars Bollhagen had to pay. He did and lost the pot when his adversary showed Q♦ 10♦A while later Lars was playing his last hand on blinds 50/100 (Level 2). Lars Bollhagen was holding the best poker hand at the cut-off and raised to 250. The button called and the big blind completed.

Flop: 6♦ 7♦ 8♠

Big blind player checked, Lars did as well, and the button opened to 1 300. The big blind player folded and Lars just called.

The dealer put the A♦ on the table for the turn and Lars checked. His opponent bet 5K. Lars moved all-in for 2K more (7 K total) and his opponent called.

The player turned over an astonishing Q♠ 9♠

But the river brought him a miraculous 5 for a straight. No comment!

The really sympathetic Lars Bollaghen stood up and left the tournament area.

A little more than one hour later it was the turn of another player well known Titan Poker to hit the rail. Lorna Lancaster was eliminated. She had a really bad day and lost most of her whole stack on a single ugly hand.

With pocket Kings, Lorna re-raised pre-flop after an attack of an opponent. This one decided to pay.

Lorna bet 1K on a 10-9-6 rainbow flop and the opponent made the call.

Lorna fired a 2 K bet on the turn, a 6 and her adversary called again.

On the river, a 7, Lorna bet 2K again and her opponent min-raised her to 4K. Lorna decided to pay and was completely disenchanted to see the mysterious J8 of her opponent. She was down to 3.5K.

Lorna Lancaster was eliminated at the beginning of Level 4 (blinds 100/200). The hi-jack player opened to 500 and the cut-off 3-bet to 1,250. Lorna at the button moved all-in for her last chips. The cut-off 4-bet to 3,600 and obtained the fold of the cut-off.

Lorna Lancaster was really underdog holding K8, her opponent had A♠ A♦

No miracle for our Canadian player who couldn’t come back after these terrible hands. At the second break of the day, 10 Titan Poker players were still in with the following stacks:

Average: 17.5 K – 340 players left/395 entries

Jan Bjoersland (Norway): 36K

Dennis McCartney (USA): 24.6K

Mario Keimer (Germany): 13.8K

Jack Connolly (UK): 18.2K

Lautaro Mayon (Argentina): 6.9K – Lautaro lost three times with AK. He raised or 3-bet preflop and was paid but had to give up on the flop every time.

Daniele Vagni (Italy): 12.5K

Jozsef Vass (Hungary): 15K

Ian Pumphrey (Canada): 13K

Dorlan Schick (Canada): 13.3K

Owen Shiels (UK): 12K