It’s a 10 person Sit-and-Go with a $10 entry fee. The top three finishers pay. I haven’t had much luck recently so I’m hoping for at least third.

When you get to the end, you’ll understand what the title means. It started out well enough…

Hand #2

It’s just the second hand and I’m looking at cowboys. It’s early, so I decide to take a chance and leave as many people as possible in the pot. I’m in an early position slothoki and I just call the big blind. Six players are in the hand.

The flop brings Ac-Kh-10d. The bad news, a possible straight draw. The good news, no flush draw. The best news, I flopped a set of Kings! The guy in front of me bets 65 (the pot), and I call, so does a player behind me. It worries me that two other players are still in, should I have raised?

The turn is a 9 of clubs. It couldn’t possibly have helped either of them. The first guy checks and I bet 260. I get one caller and the other player folds. Now I’m worried. I’m into this pot for 335 chips. If I lose this hand at this point, I’m down to 665.

The river is a 7 of clubs. It’s irrelevant. If he has Q-J or A-A, I’m sitting on a loser. I know it’s not A-A. I’m first to act, and I check. I’m gun shy. My poker hasn’t been going to well. He checks, too. What would I have done if he forced me all-in? Glad I didn’t find out, but when he shows A-Q, I wish I had bet a little more. I’m up to 1445.


Hand #5

I’m in the big blind of 10 when I get Ks-Jh. No one raises, so I’m the hand with 6 other players. Clearly a loose table. We’ve already lost one player.

The flop is Kd-7s-5s. Not bad. I’ve got top pair with a pretty good kicker. I’m second to act and it’s checked to me. I bet 70 and get two callers before a guy raises it to 420. He gets a caller then another guy goes all-in for 960. That’s followed by another guy going all-in for 2040. A third guy goes all-in with 990. By the way, I folded.

The showdown is As-Js, 5h-7h and 7d-4d. Huh? First guy is on a spade flush draw. Second guy is sitting with two-pair. Third guy has the second pair and a backdoor flush draw. Guess some people just donate.

The last two cards are 9c and 6h. Two pair hold up.

By hand #7, three of the 10 players are out. A fourth is out in hand nine and a fifth in hand 12.


Hand #41

The loose players went fast and I didn’t get much action for the next 36 hands. I’m sitting in fourth place with 1340 chips, just 300 behind second place, but 3200 behind first. I’m UTG when I get Kd-Qs. The blind is still just 30 so I call. All fold until the big blind (who’s in second place) raises it to 105. I throw another 75 into the pot, but I’m not sure why. Getting bored, I guess.

The flop is 4h-Qc-6s. Now I’m glad I stayed. The other guy bets 225 and I call.

The turn is a 10 of spades. He bets 675 and I suddenly realize why I shouldn’t have been in this hand. He’s gotta have rockets or cowboys. He’s got the overpair and I’m betting top pair, just throwing money away. I fold, and I’m down to 1085.


Hand #50

Nine hands later, and I’m in 4th place now with 1025 chips. I’m in a late position when I get Kh-Jh. I call the big blind of 40 and three players are in the pot.

The flop is 9d-7s-Qd. Since everyone checks, so do I. I easily could have been bet out of this pot, but I’m still in.

The turn is a magical card, a 10 of hearts. There’s a diamond draw on the board, but I’ve got the nut straight. The first player bets 120, the second folds and I raise all-in. I get called, and I’m pretty excited, until he also K-J. The river is the third diamond, but neither of us were playing for that. We chop the pot, and I’m at 1045.


Hand #61

Now I’m down to 985 and I’m getting antsy. That’s when a pair of beautiful ladies show up in my pocket. I’m UTG and I raise the big blind of 40 to 100. The big blind re-raises to 320 and I call.

The flop is 7c-9s-3c. The other player has about a 3-1 chips lead over me, and he bets what I’ve got left. Decision time: all-in or fold. I go all-in. I’m betting club draw. I’m right, he flips Kc-10c. At this point, he’s got quite a few outs with two cards left to come. Any of the remaining 9 clubs, any of the three remaining K’s and any running straight or trips. Only two cards improve my hand, the remaining Q’s.

The turn is a harmless 7 of diamonds and the river is a harmless Ace of spades. I’m up to 1990.


Hand #82

I’m now in second place with 1720, significantly trailing the leader. I’m in the big blind of 60 when I get Ah-10c. The big blind is raised to 120, and what the hell, I call, and so does another player.

The flop is 6d-9s-As. With five players, I gotta think I’m in pretty good shape. I’ve got top pair and the ten isn’t a bad kicker. When the player in front of me bets 320, I’m worried my kicker isn’t as good as I thought, and I fold. The big stack calls.

The turn is a 10 of diamonds (damn it!). The first player goes all-in and the big stack calls. The showdown is Ad-8c (big stack) vs. Ac-3c (small stack). The river is a 4 of clubs and the 8 kicker holds up. Another player is eliminated.