Although a month has passed since the launch of Gingerbread, it is available only in 0.4 percent of Android handsets. These figures are, however, likely to increase. According to JR Raphael of ComputerWorld, a representative from Google has said, “there have been no unexpected hurdles and that the rollout should be starting soon.”

Obviously owners of Nexus One have been waiting for Gingerbread for quite a while. We have all been hearing Google say that Gingerbread would arrive in just a few weeks ever since December. But we haven’t had any luck with Gingerbread even after several weeks. There was no response from Google even when Cyanogen started publishing nightlies about Gingerbread.

Waiting for Gingerbread has forced many to reconsider their take on Android upgrades. Normally, one would think that manufacturers would come out with their updates a little faster if need be. People expected the same from Google as well. However, in light of the present scenario, this review is certainly questionable. If it’s taking Google so long to get its own Experience handset updated to a new version of Android, the issue probably is more serious than it appears to be. Google probably isn’t trying hard enough.

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Maybe the rebooting virus that was exposed during the launch of Nexus S is responsible for the delay. We are all hoping to receive a few answers from Google shortly.

Android Awaits Peggle and Plants Vs Zombies

Not only has PopCap’s Jeff Green confirmed that the wait is now almost over, he has also shown images of the video games running on the Samsung Nexus One. For those who are yet to experience these classics by PopCap, these are, in essence, video game crack, which you would find difficult to stop once you begin playing. Peggle is following a trend based on the classic game called Plinko from Price is Right. PvZ is truly (as it sounds) a game of tower defense that involves pitting plants against the living dead.

Jeff Green, the Director of Editorial and Social Media of PopCap released images of all these games running on the Samsung Nexus One in a chain of tweets. Finally, he responded to a query by stating that these games will not be supported by ads and probably, would be sold via “the various marketplaces.”

Many of us are excited about these games. It is good to see that PopCap will not follow GameLoft and avoid the Market. Rather, it appears, that not only would the games be available in the Android Market, they might also come to the Amazon Market as well as the Tegra Zone Market.

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