I’ve heard that the current state of affairs in the Middle East, according to mouthpieces of the current US government, is that US forces are not winning and not losing either. I won’t comment on that further from the political angle, but that is how I’d describe my recent experiences at Online Casino Malaysia.

Yesterday, I signed up for the 8:20 game and started out poorly. After a short period of time, I was down from 10,000 to about 6,000 chips. After switching tables, I found myself with AK and raised. Someone who had just suffered a terrible loss and who I had seen make huge bets with J7 re-raised me all in. Considering my opponent, I called an ended up beating 9-5 to double my stack.

The next few hours consisted of various risky plays and iffy decisions. I pushed someone all in with a pair of kings, found myself up against two pair, and caught a flush on the river. I managed to catch a straight on the river, but didn’t pay much to see that. I went all in with 2 pair, and luckily that held up. I went all in wih a pair of kings again, and hit a flush again, although that time I think my pair and higher kicker was enough. I called a large bet with KQ suited, and ended up winning by catching the queen on the river. They weren’t necessarily smart plays, but risks have to be taken in a large tournament and those ended up being good risks.

Eventually, my luck took a turn for the worse. After everyone before me folded, I called the big blind from the best position on the table with 10-8. That is a risky move, but I felt rewarded when the flop brought two tens and an ace. The big blind moved all in, and I called without hesitating. I was up against an ace and a low card, which is what I expected. The turn was a blank, and the river… another ace. That knocked me down from over 300,000 chips to about 200,000.

I took another hit when I played AK suited slowly before the flop and then carefully when the flop brought an ace but all 3 cards were hearts. Careful wasn’t careful enough, since the river card brought a second queen on the board and I ended up losing to 3 queens after betting another half of my stack. I never really recovered from that and finished in 44th place, which did give me a good boost in the standings.

I played again this afternoon and had a mediocre game. I didn’t take the kind of risks that I took yesterday, which allowed me to stick around for a while but I never built up a big stack. About two hours into the game, I was about where I started and held AK in the big blind. Most folded before me, and nobody had raised. I decided to make my move.

The player to my left not only called, but re-raised for a considerable sum. The other caller folded and we were heads-up. I hoped to be up against something like jacks or AQ. Then the cards were revealed and…


Two aces against Ace King. I would have been better off with 2-7 off suit. I needed to hit a straight, which is very unlikely with those cards, or for the board to have two kings and no aces. The board had no aces. I got a king. I didn’t get a second. Game over.

I finished in something like 140th place and moved up slightly in the rankings. Right now, I’m in 121st place and 42 points out of 50th. Making the top 50 is certainly possible now, but it probably won’t be easy.