Not to be confused with Sky sanghoki , many airlines have started to look at Poker as a form of entertainment for their guests. For more than a year now, Delta Airlines has provided in-flight Texas Hold’em Poker games through an online venue. Now because of the success for more airlines are getting into the gambling business. British Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Virgin Airlines will begin offering casino games through online gambling portals.

The opportunity to offer these games will permits online poker players to hone their skills while traveling. They games will be offered in-flight for extended in air travel. While Texas hold them poker has become a revenue-generating forum for Delta Airlines, the games have only been permitted on flights with in the US borders. In the case of the new gambling Airlines the games will be played on flights that originate as well as end outside of the United States. This is an observance of the United States Prohibition of foreign gambling operators offering US citizens online gaming opportunities.

The United States Department of Transportation invested time and finances into a study regarding the potential revenue offered by in-flight gambling. This study revealed that a US based airlines could potentially add an additional $300 million to their annual revenue base. To do this they would use the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 as their protection. This would facilitate the ability to offer in-flight gambling to anybody on their Airlines. However the US would have to open the ability to offer online gaming through the airlines on international flights. This confirms the advantages Singapore Airlines, British airlines, Virgin, and Cathay Pacific will appreciate as they begin to introduce in-flight gambling and poker opportunities.

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Chris “SlippyJacks” Vaughn Chattin About the Scandal

A while back we reported on Chris “BluffmagCV” Vaughn getting busted for cheating on Full Tilt.  Well, Chris is back playing again at PokerStars under his account SlippyJacks and was caught up in some discussion with a player on the rail this morning about the incident.  Here is the chat:

ilivebythe5 [observer]: chris you actually playing this tournament?

SlippyJacks: yes

SlippyJacks: im on a downswing

SlippyJacks: dont make fun of me!

ilivebythe5 [observer]: so you are playing clean now i see?

SlippyJacks: if i win this one ill be breakeven on the week

SlippyJacks: not sure what clean means

Sanborn12 [observer]: k i will take it easy on you.

ilivebythe5 [observer]: no controversy on who is playing for you

SlippyJacks: obv

SlippyJacks: that was long time ago

SlippyJacks: or long time in poker years

SlippyJacks: ie like 9 months

ilivebythe5 [observer]: haha i know

ilivebythe5 [observer]: i’m saying, glad to see you’ve come clean

SlippyJacks: oh

SlippyJacks: ty

ilivebythe5 [observer]: gl

SlippyJacks: yah it only happened once

SlippyJacks: stupid mistake

SlippyJacks: =(

SlippyJacks: all it takes is once tho

swellmuth [observer]: ^^^agreed

Sanborn12 [observer]: lol i think i know but it happens to the best of us

ilivebythe5 [observer]: true, and people had a HAY day with it

SlippyJacks: this is also true

SlippyJacks: i was jus a broke *** kid

SlippyJacks: and my eyes were bigger than my stomach

SlippyJacks: yanno

ilivebythe5 [observer]: but i guess when you accomplish one of greatest feats in online that happens

SlippyJacks: its easier to say u wouldnt do it after u get rich an ****

SlippyJacks: never bein able to play ftp

SlippyJacks: is pretty big punishment

SlippyJacks: in itself

SlippyJacks: im sure sorel would agree

hoooopi [observer]: gl slippyjacks wish u can win

SlippyJacks: tyty

ilivebythe5 [observer]: yeah, but he is at least better than I am only playing one card

ilivebythe5 [observer]: if i was half as talented as that guy, wow

SlippyJacks: hhaha

SlippyJacks: he learned it hand by hand

SlippyJacks: like everyone else

SlippyJacks: it can be done 😉

ilivebythe5 [observer]: granted you still made it pretty darn far yourself in both of them

SlippyJacks: well

SlippyJacks: i won the second one 😉

SlippyJacks: i sold the ftp one with 22 left

ilivebythe5 [observer]: yeah i know but i’m saying that’s still pretty darn good

SlippyJacks: haha

SlippyJacks: lucky

SlippyJacks: any idiot can win a poker tourney 😉