Everyone was laughing at event 13 of the FTOPS 9, mainly because the game being played was HA (okay bad jokes over).  Just what is HA?  For those who don’t know, HA is a mixed game which is half PL Hold’em and half PL Omaha.  In total, 913 players paid the $200 + $16 buy-in which made Full Tilt have to put up an overlay of $17,400 since the guarantee offered was $200,000.  This seems to be a re-occuring theme in this series as many events didn’t break their set guarantees.

Max Pescatori was the red man that everyone had their eyes on this 꽁머니  event and he is no rookie to tournament play.  He has over 17 cashes in the WSOP, 2 bracelets, and over $2.5 million in career earnings.   He also defended his hosting job pretty well in this tournament, but couldn’t keep it up for a final table.  He was one of 2 red prs to finish in the money, the other was Sigi Stockinger in 87th, and Max Pescatori was eliminated just short of the final table, 14th for $1,320.

Even though it wasn’t Pescatori’s day, it was for one of the remaining 9 players at the final table.  The guarantee wasn’t met, but there was still $45,000 that would be awarded to the tournament winner.  Who would that be?  Eventually, Dukatos battled his way to the top, and took down Allin4Narnia heads up collecting $45,000 for his win and the yellow FTOPS jersey avatar.  Special congratulations to Dukatos for his win, and everyone who finished in the money in event 13, $216 HA:

Event 11 of the FTOPS 9 was the game of limit hold’em.  Although limit hold’em doesn’t attract as many fish since they can’t just push all-in, Full Tilt offered a $200,000 guarantee for the $216 buy-in.  Well, with only 932 players registered, Full Tilt ended up having to put up an overlay of $13,600 which was good news for the players!  The eventual winner would take home $45k.

This event was hosted by cowboy Andy Bloch, and even his avatar sports his infamous Full Tilt cowboy hat.   However his hat couldn’t bring him luck in this tournament, as he busted early on in 623rd place.  In total 108 places were paid and out of the 18 red pros in this tournament, only 3 cashed; Michael Craig finished 99th, John Cernuto 41st, and Markus Golser took 24th.

It was sweetnees for one person in this tournament, in fact, it was sugar sweetness.  That is because Sugarsweetness topped the other 931 competitors, earning himself $45,000 and the yellow FTOPS jersey!  Sugarsweetness beat FM2T in an epic limit hold’em heads up battle, and FM2T collected $28,500 for his runner up finish.  Congratulations to Sugarsweetness and everyone who finished in the money in event 11 of the FTOPS 9, $216 LHE: