Blacklists are commonly used by businesses and others to keep fraudsters out of their business, and have undoubtedly been used in the land-based casino industry since the very first die was rolled. Although the methods of cheaters and scammers has changed with the advent of online casinos, the necessity for the blacklist remains.

However, something new has emerged that is unique to the online casino industry. In order to entice players in the absence of the glitz and glamour of their land-based cousins, online casinos offer a variety of promotions that almost without exception involves giving away an excessive amount of free chips.

This in turn has spawned a new breed of ‘player’. They are referred to by a variety of names, from ‘promo abusers’ and ‘advantage players’, to ‘bonus hunters’, ‘free-chippers’ and finally, ‘chip-suckers’.

Although at first glance it would appear that this new breed of player is the problem, a closer examination reveals that the way in which many casinos are treating these ‘players’ is the real problem. Casinos try to develop rules that will either eliminate, or at least severely restrict, their exposure to ‘bonus abusers’. But with every new method employed to protect them from abuse, the abusers develop new methods to foil them.

Smart casino operators control their 먹튀사이트 promotions and find a way to weed out people who don’t put their own money at risk. After all, that’s the definition of gambling. And while it can be frustrating to have the rules section longer than the actual promotion, it has become a necessary evil. Wager 5x’s, email recipient only, not valid on roulette or craps, these are just a few rules used by casinos to control free-chippers.

Rather than write good rules, some casinos have instead resorted to abusing the purpose of the blacklist. The abused have become the abusers. In the past couple of weeks the blacklisting of these players has reared its ugly head and caused quite a stir among the various message boards. Unfortunately it seems like the only time you hear a casino’s perspective is when they are saying, “Sorry, we aren’t paying you.” So who gets all the publicity? The slimy casino operators.

Stupid casino operators run promotions with the idea of increasing cash flow, but what they don’t seem to realize, or if they do, don’t care, is that a liberal promotion will not increase cash flow in the long run. It is only a temporary fix, which most likely will come back and bite the casino in the butt. Inevitably, they find themselves in a vicious cycle, and instead of placing the blame where it belongs, they blame the advantage players. Casinos start changing the rules after the fact, and act indignant when someone says, “Hey, wait a minute!” It’s no small wonder that players view the industry with distrust and contempt. The ‘bonus abusers blacklist’, begun by a casino with a less than stellar reputation is just the latest blow.

Blacklists are for fraudulent activities, not for insurance against legitimate winners. If a so-called ‘bonus abuser’ plays by the rules and wins, he is a legitimate winner and must be paid. If your promotion was too liberal, instead of blaming the player, learn from it and DON’T RUN THE SAME PROMOTION NEXT WEEK!!!

Additionally, a blacklist for promo play will not work. Why? Just because John Doe plays promo-only in “Sleazeball Casino” doesn’t mean that he is a promo hunter. Some of my best customers would be considered advantage players by other casinos. Would I trust another casino to decide who my customers are going to be based on promo play? Absolutely NOT!!

Finally, mistakes do happen. Any list that does not allow players access to the original information that was used to place them on the list, along with the opportunity to challenge it, is worthless.