Just finished reading Deadman’s indobet 88 by James Swain. I last wrote about his books here.

I have to say that I enjoyed the book quite a lot. The plot involves the fixing of the World Poker Showdown, a fictionalized version of the WSOP, utilizing an unrevealed (in this book) cheating scam. A character reminiscent of Amarillo Slim makes the cheating accusation after busting out on Day 1 of the tournament, and Tony Valentine is called in to investigate. Along the way we’re treated to a number of prop bet scams, the workings of which are revealed in due time during the story – great stuff for the degenerates among us, fascinating for those of us that enjoy figuring out how magicians and conmen do their tricks.

Valentine’s son is along for the ride, and Swain has continued to mature Gerry and the relationship between father and son. Of course, while Gerry shows more flashes of being able to think on his feet in dangerous situations, including a gritty, distasteful sequence of events leading up to the climax, but it still takes Valentine riding to the rescue with the infantry in tow to save the day in the climax of this two-part story.

Two parts? Yep. The story continues in the next novel, Deadman’s Bluff, released only one-month after Deadman’s Poker. Up next on my reading list, of course.

We’re also provided with some Poker Protection Tips at the end of the book, the same tips that are available at his website. Swain knows his scams, and I’ve seen interviews on Tampa television where he displays impressive sleight-of-hand skills. I’m not sure I’d want him in my poker game, unless he was handcuffed, ear plugged, and blindfolded (but, as we find out, blindfolds and hoods can’t stop a determined scammer in this story!).

Anyway, this is an action story that moves right along. Having read the previous books in the Tony Valentine series, I knew what to expect and was not disappointed. Great stuff!

Coolest. Tool. Ever.

Found this one through one of the blogs Iggy pimped today.

Now, I can post a hand history without posting a hand history… sorta… anyway, if you’re into them, you can click and check it out. If you’re not, fuggedaboutit…

Scene was a $5 turbo rebuy MTT sat to a $160 WSOP double-shootout. Like all rebuys, and turbos, and especiallt rebuy turbos, it was wild during the 30-min rebuy period. Of course, when you pick up one good hand, one medicre hand and make a great read, and one sh**ty hand, and get lucky AND make a good read… well, this is bound to happen: