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Action City Casino was developed by World Gaming.

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Shot Action City Casino is / was using World Gaming software. World Gaming’s auditor was found guilty of securities fraud, wire fraud, money laundering, racketeering, conspiracy and racketeering conspiracy, and was sentenced to 108 months (9 years) in a federal penitentiary. Additionally there have been many non-payments complaints by many players that have been playing at World Gaming Internet casinos. All of this does not mean that every casino using World Gaming software is crooked. But it is reason enough to stay alert. You can find cetified casinos that have never caused any troubles in our Directory.


Negativity degree: 3 (0 = little problems)


Please read: Shouldn’t I play at “Action City Casino”?

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It is not known whether this casino is licenced or not. To have a gaming license means that a casino is able to 1) deposit enough money yearly as a financial backup for players (approximately US $50,000 up to US $100,000 per annum), 2) pay the taxes (of about 2,5% up to 5%), and hence 3) is subject to the control of the government that issued the gaming licence in case of any disputes.


Aloha Casino




Aloha Casino has got a clean reputation, good Togel Hongkong customer services and basically gives you – the player – a very good probability to win compared to other online casinos. Aloha Casino is fully accredited to the Internet Commission’s Code of Conduct, which basically is a promise by Aloha Casino to treat players fair and stay ethically. Their single-deck Blackjack game is a fair game (very good chance to win) and one of the best Blackjack games you can find online. Their Slots Jackpots are shared among multiple casinos, so they build up faster. The bonuses you can receive are excellent. Most of the times Aloha Casino offers an Initial-Deposit- and an Every-Deposit Bonus. Aloha Casino even offers a sportsbook featuring straight- and combination bets (parlay- and teaser cards) in a simple, familiar format. All major sports and exotic wagering are represented. Special support for racing events, such as U.S. horse racing, is included. Since Aloha Casino is a JAVA casino you do not need to download any software and can play or bet from anywhere around the world when being online.



Aloha Casino sometimes changes the payout on games like Video Poker, so it’s better to check the payout tables every time you visit the casino.


This casino is blacklisted. Blacklist reasons:

Aloha Casino is / was not licensed while running a gambling operation so players have no governmental / financial backup in case of disputes. This is one of the worst blacklist reasons.

Aloha Casino is / was not paying players, went bancrupt and similar.

Aloha Casino is/ was affiliated with / owned by proven fraudulent people, is / was a subsidiary of a crocked company ans similar.

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Aloha Casino accepts VISA and Master Card, credit- and debit cards with Visa or Master Card connection, Fire Pay, Pay Pal, Western Union and Bank Wire. Personal identity and details of all members – including name, address, phone number, email address and wagering history – will remain completely confidential, and never given, reported or sold to any third party by Aloha Casino.

Deposit: VISA or Master Card – Min. deposit is $50. Max. deposit is $2,500 in total deposits per day / $10,000 in total deposits per month. PayPal – Min. deposit is $50. Bank Wire: Min. deposit is $1,000 and they add a 15% Bonus to all Bank Wire Deposits of $1,000 or more. Western Union – Min. deposit is $100 and they add a 15% Bonus to all Western Union deposits of $100 or more.

Withdrawals: You are entitled to one free withdrawal per 30 days. All accounts must have a correct valid contact phone number listed in their account information. Credit Card: Aloha Casino first credits back to your credit card the amounts equal to your original charges. Your additional winnings will be then mailed to you. It costs $20. FirePay: takes 10-15 business days and costs $15. PayPal: takes 1-2 days and costs $15. Bank Check: Registered Mail – takes two weeks or more and costs $10. Checks for amounts lower than $50 cost $25. FedEx/TNT – takes 2-4 days and costs $40. Bank Wire: takes 2-3 days and costs $45.



Aloha Casino was developed by Unified Gaming (Go to our casino software section)



  • Roulette [American]
  • Blackjack
  • Poker [Caribbean]
  • Craps
  • Keno
  • Baccarat [Mini]
  • Poker [Pai Gow]
  • Slots
  • Blackjack [Spanish 21]
  • Video Poker


A no-limit or pot-limit betting structure for a game gives it a different character from limit poker, requiring a separate set of rules in many situations. All the rules for limit games apply to no-limit and pot-limit games, except as noted in this section. No-limit means that the amount of a wager is limited only by the table stakes rule, so any part or all of a player’s chips may be wagered. The rules of no-limit play also apply to pot-limit play, except that a bet may not exceed the pot size. For those rules that apply only to no-limit and pot-limit lowball, see the section Lowball.”


  1. The number of raises in any betting round is unlimited.


  1. All bets must be at least equal to the minimum bring-in, unless the player is going all-in.


  1. All raises must be equal to or greater than the size of the previous bet or raise on that betting round, except for an all-in wager. A player who has already checked or called may not subsequently raise an all-in bet that is less than the full size of the last bet or raise. (The half-the-size rule for reopening the betting is for limit poker only.) Example: Player A bets $100 and Player B raises $100 more, making the total bet $200. If Player C goes all in for less than $300 total (not a full $100 raise), and Player A calls, then Player B has no option to raise again, because he wasn’t fully raised. (Player A could have raised, because Player B raised.)


  1. A wager is not binding until the chips are actually released into the pot, unless the player has made a verbal statement of action.


  1. If there is a discrepancy between a player’s verbal statement and the amount put into the pot, the bet will be corrected to the verbal statement.


  1. If a call is short due to a counting error, the amount must be corrected, even if the bettor has shown down a superior hand.


  1. Because the amount of a wager at big-bet poker has such a wide range, a player who has taken action based on a gross misunderstanding of the amount wagered needs some protection. A bettor should not show down a hand until the amount put into the pot for a call seems reasonably correct, or it is obvious that the caller understands the amount wagered. The decision-maker is allowed considerable discretion in ruling on this type of situation. A possible rule-of-thumb is to disallow any claim of not understanding the amount wagered if the caller has put eighty percent or more of that amount into the pot. Example: On the end, a player puts a $500 chip into the pot and says softly, “Four hundred.” The opponent puts a $100 chip into the pot and says, “Call.” The bettor immediately shows the hand. The dealer says, “He bet four hundred.” The caller says, “Oh, I thought he bet a hundred.” In this case, the recommended ruling normally is that the bettor had an obligation to not show the hand when the amount put into the pot was obviously short, and the “call” can be retracted. Note that the character of each player can be a factor. (Unfortunately, situations can arise at big-bet poker that are not so clear-cut as this.)


  1. A player who says “raise” is allowed to continue putting chips into the pot with more than one move; the wager is assumed complete when the player’s hands come to rest outside the pot area. (This rule is used because no-limit play may require a large number of chips be put into the pot.)


  1. A bet of a single chip or bill without comment is considered to be the full amount of the chip or bill allowed. However, a Togel Hongkong player acting on a previous bet with a larger denomination chip or bill is calling the previous bet unless this player makes a verbal declaration to raise the pot. (This includes acting on the forced bet of the big blind.)


  1. If a player tries to bet or raise less than the legal minimum and has more chips, the wager must be increased to the proper size. (This does not apply to a player who has unintentionally put too much in to call.) The wager is brought up to the sufficient amount only, no greater size.


  1. All wagers may be required to be in the same denomination of chip (or larger) used for the minimum bring-in, even if smaller chips are used in the blind structure. If this is done, the smaller chips do not play except in quantity, even when going all-in.


  1. In non-tournament games, one optional live straddle is allowed. The player who posts the straddle has last action for the first round of betting and is allowed to raise. To straddle, a player must be on the immediate left of the big blind, and must post an amount twice the size of the big blind.


  1. In all no-limit and pot-limit games, the house has the right to place a maximum time limit for taking action on your hand. The clock may be put on someone by the dealer as directed by a floorperson, if a player requests it. If the clock is put on you when you are facing a bet, you will have one additional minute to act on your hand. You will have a ten-second warning, after which your hand is dead if you have not acted.


  1. The cardroom does not condone “insurance” or any other “proposition” wagers. The management will decline to make decisions in such matters, and the pot will be awarded to the best hand. Players are asked to refrain from instigating proposition wagers in any form. The players are allowed to agree to deal twice (or three times) when someone is all-in. “Dealing twice” means the pot is divided in two, with each portion being dealt for separately.




  1. If a wager is made that exceeds the pot size, the surplus will be given back to the bettor as soon as possible, and the amount will be reduced to the maximum allowable.


  1. The dealer or any player in the game can and should call attention to a wager that appears to exceed the pot size (this also applies to heads-up pots). The oversize wager may be corrected at any point until all players have acted on it.


  1. If an oversize wager has stood for a length of time with someone considering what action to take, that person has had to act on a wager that was thought to be a certain size. If the player then decides to call or raise, and attention is called at this late point to whether this is an allowable amount, the floorperson may rule that the oversize amount must stand (especially if the person now trying to reduce the amount is the person that made the wager).


  1. The maximum amount a player can raise is the amount in the pot after the call is made. Therefore, if a pot is $100, and someone makes a $50 bet, the next player can call $50 and raise the pot $200, for a total wager of $250.


  1. In pot-limit play, it is advisable in many structures to round off the pot size upward to produce a faster pace of play. This is done by treating any odd amount as the next larger size. For example, if the pot size was being kept track of with $25 units, then a pot size of $80 would be treated as a pot size of $100.


  1. In pot-limit hold’em and pot-limit Omaha, many structures treat the little blind as if it were the same size of the big blind in computing pot size. In such a structure, a player can open for a maximum of four times the size of the big blind. For example, if the blinds are $5 and $10, a player may open with a raise to $40. (The range of options is to either open with a call of $10, or raise in increments of five dollars to any amount from $20 to $40.) Subsequent players also treat the $5 as if it were $10 in computing the pot size, until the big blind is through acting on the first betting round.


  1. In pot-limit, if a chip or a bill larger than the pot size is put into the pot without comment, it is considered to be a bet of the pot size.




It’s the ultimate spirit of Freedom of Speech. With “handles” like Spearmaster, Hitmob, Zrapture and Prosperity thousands of online gamblers communicate daily on the phenomenon we call the internet, making this uniquely fast network a major resource for experienced and “newbie” players alike.

About to have a crack at online gambling for the first time but not sure where to go? A few visits to a good message board will soon tell you who are the good, the bad and the downright ugly.

Or perhaps you feel you’ve been ripped off and want to warn others and have a good rant. These are the places where you can do it fast and effectively, reaching enormous interested audiences.

It is estimated that for every active message board poster there are as many as ten “lurkers” – bystanders who prefer to remain passively on the fringes and “listen”. And indeed that is exactly what a newcomer to this fascinating world should do before posting – lurk.

To do otherwise is to invite disaster. If you haven’t studied the different personalities and topics being discussed before you jump in with an opinion you can make a fool of yourself. You might find yourself at the unhappy center of an unequal debate or worse still receive an unmerciful flaming – a literal roasting from opponents who will not mince their words.

A cardinal sin is to “spam” message boards, which is the online equivalent of thrusting yourself into a private conversation and yelling a sales message at everyone around you before darting away. Do that and you will almost certainly get more flak than clients.

Another great way to win friends and influence message board people is to pretend you are a satisfied player and extol the fictitious virtues of your operation. That adds dishonesty to your boorishness and really does put you beyond the pale.

Despite these fundamental and unwritten rules, the spammers keep on coming, motivated by referral rewards from their employers. With enticing names like Honey, Ginger and Satisfied you’ll see them relentlessly strafing the boards with tirelessly gushing and patently false claims. Very few of these folks are rocket scientists and it shows in the lack of subtlety in their labors. Capitals and exclamation points – the internet version of shouting – abound in their postings and you will always find a url to speed you to their vision of gambler’s paradise.

Some Boards try to stop these unwanted intrusions by providing spammers with a section where they can extol the virtues of their casinos, agencies or information sites. If the members are interested in the bonuses and other blandishments on offer they will visit that section and read Satisfied, Ginger or Honey’s canned meat.

But that is the downside. Message boards are more generally friendly places once you have announced yourself and start participating. They are a bottomless well of experience and information because they represent the pooled knowledge of a diverse group of people with a shared passion – online gambling.

Here you will find whizz kids and senior citizens; salesmen and professors; casino operators and players – men and women exchanging mirth, views and information on everything to do with wagering that you can imagine. Someone asks “Do you know anything about XYZ casino”, and the responses fly. “Don’t touch ’em” or “These guys are straight and pay fast”

Note that last phrase, operators – it is probably the player’s most important criteria in judging you – are you fair and do you pay your Togel Hongkong winners and pay ’em fast?


Message Boards are both a powerful referral base and a forum. Genuine operators, consultants, information sites and even gambling software makers are welcome to debate issues and present wider perspectives. They can build bridges and discover pure gold in the opinions and needs of the people who make it all happen. The players.

Yet you would be astonished at how many are blind to this outstanding resource. And they are paying a price for a lack of awareness which goes beyond ignorance.

In recent months controversy raged across many Boards on the internet over a dishonest casino and its software supplier. It was a golden opportunity for both organisations to put across their side of the story and find common ground with thousands of players, and yet they inexplicably let it slip through their fingers. Sadly, they suffered serious injury to their reputations which will not easily be retrieved.

I advise my clients never to underestimate the value of internet forums as both a true sounding board and an honest channel of communication.

But there’s an obligation on you, whether you are a player or anyone else.

Don’t abuse the hospitality of the Board and always be prepared to hear out the other person.