Las Vegas, a town that is almost always buzzing with activity, goes into an over drive frenzy five times per year:


  1. The Super Bowl;
  2. The Breeder’s Cup;
  3. The Kentucky Derby;
  4. When there is a major fight taking place in town;
  5. The NCAA College Basketball Tournament.


Now, I’ve been there for all the events—some more than once—and I can make the following statement:

During the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, Las Vegas, Nevada is at it’s most frenzied and alive period of the entire year. Think about what the gambler is getting with this event:


  1. Dozens of games to bet on over a three-week period. Sometimes you are actually dealing with sixteen games being played on a weekday!
  2. An extensive array of teams from all over the country. No matter where you come from, you’re bound to have a rooting interest in some of the teams.
  3. Pure action, as every game is a must-win situation, creating a do or die atmosphere with each contest.
  4. A tournament that responds to many time-tested UFABET handicapping systems, making it relatively easy to show a profit.


Okay, enough about the games; let’s get right to the meat and potatoes, The Super NCAA Tournament System—a very simple yet extremely profitable betting system that shows you the way to pointspread winners in the NCAA College Basketball Tournament.


The System:

Bet on any team in the NCAA tournament that meets the following two criteria:


  1. They did not cover the pointspread in their last tournament (current season only) game. Obviously they won this game or they would not still be in the tournament.
  2. Only bet on this team if they are going against a team that did cover the pointspread in their last tournament (current season only) game. And once again, obviously this team also won this game or they would not still be in the tournament.


Note that there are no plays with this system in the first round of the tournament, as you still need to find out which teams are going to cover and not cover.


The Rationale:

The reason this system works is that the NCAA tournament, unlike the regular season, draws an enormous number of relatively unsophisticated gamblers who come out of the woodwork just to bet on the games. These novices will over react to what happened in recent games. They will remember losing a recent bet on a certain team and carry forward negative feelings towards that team. The opposite of this takes place with a team that won for them. So, what we have here is a two-way effect that gives an over-stated line in the direction of the teams that we are betting against.


That is all there is to it! The system should give you between eight and ten bets each tournament. The previous pointspread results of the system are astounding! In the past 33 years (through 2001) it has a pointspread won-lost record of 184 wins and only 102 losses! So go on and give it a whirl!


Some Baseball Predictions for 2021


The California Angels to win the A.L.

The New York Mets to win the N.L.

Sammy Sosa to win both the RBI and Home Run Crowns in the N.L.

Manny Ramirez to do the same in A.L.