Allergies suck. Need 18 hours of slot gacor when they hit this bad. Can’t seem to get more than 7 lately. …even when I do, I feel like crap. Ugh.

– Work is busy… lots of stuff to do. Haven’t heard about a live interview for the other job I was looking at. Very disappointing. Gotta call them today to see what’s up. Turns out my friend will probably no longer be working there soon. Who knows… maybe it’s for the best. Maybe he can get me in where he’s gonna be working. I like to work with cool people…

– Fish is still alive. Officemate didn’t kill him. This is a good thing. I spend half my time at work zoning out, staring at said fish. This is a bad thing. …but he’s got such a pretty tail!

Ok… I think my mind is progressing into the deeper stages of poor mental health. Brain dump is complete, for now. Still have more to say, but there’s no juice to get it out into this media. Maybe, just for fun, I’ll take a picture of the keyboard imprints on my forehead from when I pass out on the keyboard. It will make for a good logo on the blog. Sending best wishes and good Karma to whoever needs it…

I’m so far behind in my writeup. Work was hellacious when I got back, and that’s always my favorite place to write. My Mom came to visit the next day, so my evenings have been full too. I need a vacation! LOL

Here’s my quick writeup… (I’ll get links in later. If I don’t get this up now, I don’t know when I’m gonna have a chance again.)

Booze. I drank a whole lot of it. Stayed away from the shots this time (no more 6 AM tequila shots with Iggy. It’s amazing that little body can hold that much alcohol), but the beer was enough to keep me happily buzzed. I tried to pay off my booze by playing the video poker in the bar. The first night, I think I drank enough to pay for it. The other nights, I lost money faster than I can drink. Most people can attest, I can drink pretty fast too. Learned that I can get more +EV at other forms of gambling.

Early morning breakfasts. One after a long Sherwood Forest Bar stint, another on the last night of the trip. The first was with Iggy, Derek, Spaceman, Bobby Bracelet, G-Money and Me. (I think. Booze-fuzzy memory.) Second with April and umm… ugh. Can’t remember.

Sherwood Forest Bar. Our bartender Tim looked like BG in about 20 years. He wasn’t the most attentive server initally, but he warmed up after a few days of binge drinking and overtipping. He’ll definitely remember us for a long time to come.

Poker. I didn’t play much outside of the blogger tourney. I did play the night before the tourney. 1-3 spread limit. I suck. Drank, but not enough. Only other time I played, on the last night/morning, I sat next to…

The guy who hit on me last year. When we stayed and played at the Plaza, my last night was spent at the tables to the right of this guy with way too much money for his own good. Same position again. He remembered me, and vice versa. The only reason I sat down at the table originally was that April was telling me about this table asshole that was annoying her. I wasn’t gonna play… and then he started annoying me with the come-on lines. I lost my first buy-in to him when he sucked out on my pocket 5s with 98o. He didn’t get anything on the board… two higher pair, and he took it with a higher kicker. Got it back and more when my A9 hit two pair. He was playing any two cards, and throwing money around like it was water. I made my money back plus a little… that was all I wanted. I got up and left happy.