Bottom Line


The is the first site we’ve reviewed dedicated to poker only. While I don’t have a lot to compare it to, I find all aspects of the site and gameplay to be very impressive. As a bottom line, the maximum the house will take for their rake is 5%, but many times they’ll take less than this, sometimes zero! They’re casino games out there with a house edge less than 2.5% (The 5% rake on winning hands only translates to a 2.5% house edge, more on this later on a house edge article we’ll be having)(video poker, blackjack, craps), but you’ll still lose playing them in the long run. At least with poker it’s you against another human; it’s a game of skill. I give Pokerspot a rating of 4.25 chips.



Pokerspot is one of the newest online gambling sites out there, having just debuted May 31, 2000 EST. Their server is based in Costa Rica. All games are based upon the theme of……you guessed it, poker! Pokerspot allows you to play online against other people online in games of Texas Hold’em, Pengeluaran Sgp , Omaha, and 7-Card Stud. They offer some high/low table limits and Hi/Lo versions of the games to give 8 different table areas total. I will go into more detail in the gaming section and individual game section below.


PokerSpot offers an excellent faq 9 pages in length which answers most any question you may have about their site and policies. Questions about setting up accounts, depositing money, house rakes, etc etc are all covered in this faq. I get a strong feeling from seeing this and working with their staff on some questions which arose when I was researching this site that they are very much on the up-and-up and are commited to customer service. All feedback welcomed if anyone out there feels otherwise!


Now, with a game like poker at a casino the most important thing to know going in is the house rake. I’ll post their words directly from their faq:




What is the rake? Along with several new features, Pokerspot is introducing all new rake limits (that have since been adopted by some other online cardrooms): For $2/$4 tables and $3/$6 tables there is a $2 maximum rake! There is a $1 rake at the flop and then another $1 when the pot reaches $20, but that’s where the rake stops. For $5/$10 and up tables, there is a $1 rake at the flop, another $1 when the pot reaches $40, and the final $1 when the pot hits $60.


If there are only 2-3 players at a table, then there is a $1 maximum rake when the pot reaches $20! This applies to all games on our site. Also, PokerSpot has a “No flop, no rake” policy for all our games.




So you can see that you may be giving up 5% to the house on some of your winning hands. This isn’t bad comparing it to other poker sites out there. We’ll see if they decrease that in the future. One thing worth noting is that their most busy time is 7 P.M. PST. So if you want to have the best chance to play with someone else online, try this time.



Money Matters

Pokerspot offers payment methods of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, check, bank/debit card, and money wire. One thing Pokerspot does which I do not like, is that they charge you a 5.75% processing fee for the amount you buy in at. Now, before you have a complete fit, they do refund this to you at a rate of $10 for every 10 hours you play. I realize that banks charge fees for merchant accounts and transactions for credit card purchases, but I just never have a good feeling about a business when they want to charge more to compensate for this. Hopefully when Pokerspot gets more established and off the ground they will drop this fee. Pokerspot often hosts special poker tournaments which give out money and prizes.



Pokerspot uses unique software for gaming. No other site uses the same package. Download size is 2.7M. I haven’t played at many other online poker sites, but I have played my share of computer card games. I find the graphics to be just as pleasing as any of those games out there. I found connection speed to be very good overall. The 8 different table areas you may go to are: Hold’em 1-on-1 High, Low, 7-Card Stud, 7-Card Stud Hi/Lo, Omaha, Omaha Hi/Lo, Hold’em Low Limit, and Hold’em High Limit. The minimum buy-in is 10X the small bet.

To play the games once you log in, you have the option to view either available tables, or the games by the waiting lists. This way you can see how many players are playing what versions you might want to play. You then add your name to the list, and you automatically taken to an available game. This is called their dynamic seating feature, and allows you to waste as little of your time as possible in searching for an available game.


I won’t go into much detail on the individual games except to give the betting ranges you may pick. They all play similar to each other.