You already know you can find qualified customers on search results pages – both via natural and sponsored listings. Now, Smartgameads makes it easy for you to find shoppers wherever they are. Smartgameads’s Feed Management products provide advertisers with an automated method of reaching the maximum number of targeted, qualified buyers via search engines, comparison shopping sites, and other consumer targeted Web properties.


What is a feed?

A product ‘feed’ is simply a structured set of data that describes all the products and services available for sale on your Web site, which is then optimized and submitted to a search engine index, such as Yahoo!

Smartgameads offers two different types of feeds: Shopping and Search. Depending on your overall campaign goals, Smartgameads can tailor a customized feed management solution that delivers the returns you require.


Search Feed – Our standard Search Feed product provides broad reach into keyword-targeted natural search results, from sites such as Lycos, AltaVista, InfoSpace, and Yahoo!

Shopping Feed – Our Shopping Feed product allows advertisers to reach Web users who are actively researching products and are ready to make a purchase decision. This highly-targeted feed includes most of the Web’s top shopping research sites including NexTag, Yahoo! Shopping, MySimon, Froogle, and

Feed Management Pioneer

Smartgameads has been a pioneer in establishing Feed Management services with most major search engines, and we co-created the world’s first Feed Management program with Inktomi (now Yahoo!). Choosing Smartgameads as your Feed Management partner will guarantee you are working with a trusted industry leader. Our experience has allowed us to build the one of the most extensive managed feed networks in the industry, guaranteeing our advertisers maximum reach for their search marketing campaigns.


Smartgameads’s Feed Management technology spiders your entire site, and then creates an optimized, structured set of data that describes all of your Web pages, dynamic content, and/or products for sale. Next, we submit this product ‘feed’ to a set of distribution partners (Web sites) where users are searching for your products and services. Our Feed Management service ensures that your products are included in relevant search results of the Web’s most visited search engines, directories, sponsored listings, and shopping comparison sites, ultimately increasing your traffic and online sales.


Smartgameads offers a standard Search Feed and a Shopping Feed depending on where you would like to source your Internet traffic.




Provide just one feed to Playable Mobile Ads and guarantee 100% of your product pages are included in relevant search results, sponsored listings, and leading comparison shopping sites across Web.


Gain immediate access to our network of managed feed distribution partners, increasing your reach and freeing you from managing multiple partnerships.

Your product listings are optimized according to the specific rules of each Web site, allowing you to achieve prominent ranking.

Your product listings are always fresh – plus links go directly to your product pages, increasing conversion rates.

Centralize all reporting & billing for all your managed feeds.



Flat rate CPC (varies by search engine). Percentage of sales, performance based pricing also may be available for certain packages. Please contact your Smartgameads sales representative for detailed pricing.